Day Two of Blogmas: Trying out Elate Cosmetics.

Hello, my friends! I’m back again with another installment of my makeup journey. As I’ve mentioned time and time again, I’m working on minimizing my makeup collection, and trying to replace my old products with products that are better for the Earth and for me.

My first step in all of this is to use up what I have. My makeup collection is far from where I need it to be, but in the month of November I was able to use up ALL of my powder foundations/setting powders, and I needed to find something new. I decided to give Elate cosmetics a go.

One thing that I was immediately drawn to in regards to the outer packaging, was how appropriate the size of the box was in comparison to the product itself. I don’t buy online often, but whenever I do, I find these companies using the largest of boxes for the smallest of products. It’s so wasteful! I absolutely hate it. Thumbs up to Elate Cosmetics for being consciousness of this.

Another thing that I was over the moon about was that there was ZERO plastic in this packaging. I’m going to link their Ethics page where they talk about how they package their orders. It’s so admirable and I definitely feel happy supporting them.

I ended up buying their pressed foundation in PN1. I’ve been using this for the past couple of days and I’m absolutely in love with it. It gives a great medium to heavy coverage, and seems to be the perfect shade for my very fair wintertime skin. I also love that when the time comes where I may have a bit more color to my face, I’ll be able to buy just the insert for the new color, and place it in this compact. I think that I’ve found my new go-to powder.

And here’s a quick picture of the compact opened up, giving you a better idea of what the actual powder looks like. This compact feels like such great quality, and it has the perfect sized mirror for any touchups that may need to be done.

They also gave me the cutest little sample of one of their Universal Creme Blushes in the shade Elation. I have not given this a try yet, but when I do, I’ll add a little edit to this post, or maybe even feature it in a blog post talking about my monthly favorites!

And that’s that, my dear friends! I am thoroughly enjoying this pressed powder, and I look forward to trying out other products from Elate Cosmetics. And I will, of course, keep you all updated!

Hooray for day two of Blogmas! This post isn’t exactly holiday related, but I wanted to post this before time got away from me AND because I think Elate Cosmetics would be a great company to think of when buying Christmas gifts for your loved ones!

Thank you so much for reading my dear friends!


Mattie Mae

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