Purchasing Some Low-Waste Makeup Products.

Hello, friends! I’m back with a new post. In today’s post I wanted to highlight a couple of makeup products that I’ve recently bought.

I do my best to be intentional with my makeup choices, especially since I used to be quite the makeup addict. I began a series on my blog last summer about minimizing my makeup collection and although I haven’t posted any updates on it, I’ve still been working at it. And by working on it, I mean using up the makeup that I currently own and not buying makeup if I don’t need it. As a result, I haven’t had much too report. I’ve used up a couple of products, but haven’t needed to purchase a single item. Until now!

I’ve taken to researching brands before purchasing them, as opposed to buying products on a whim. I’m sure that there could be things that I’ve missed about these brands and their products, and if that is the case, I would love to learn more! Same goes if you have any brand recommendations!


The first item that I purchased was Elate Cosmetics’ Pressed Foundation. In my Elate Cosmetics post from last winter, I talked about buying this product. It’s a bit expensive, but it lasted me around eight months, which is pretty fantastic. One thing that I like about Elate Cosmetics is that you can buy the bamboo compacts from Elate or you can simply buy the refill. The last time I purchased this product, I chose shade PN1. This shade worked fine, but was just a bit too light for me. This time around I bought shade PW2 which is just about perfect.

Speaking of refills, the second item that I purchased was Elate Cosmetics’ Bamboo Capsule Pallete. When I initially purchased the pressed foundation, I bought the bamboo compact. I like having the foundation in its own little compact, but I decided to buy this pallet because when I end up buying eyeshadow/blush/highlight/contour from Elate, I can just plop them in this pallete and be good to go! That way, I don’t have to buy the compact for each individual product in the future.

The third item that I purchased, again from Elate Cosmetics, was Elate Cosmetics’ Toothpaste Tablets in Mint. I’ve been curious about toothpaste tablets for quite some time, but had always been too nervous to make the switch. I haven’t used this product yet, as I’m trying to make my way through all of my current toothpastes. I will report back with my findings!

The fourth item that I purchased was Clean-Faced Cosmetics’ Cake Mascara. I had been slightly apprehensive about trying cake mascara, but as I’ve gotten used to it, I’ve really grown to like it! I I finally used up all of my other mascaras and thought I’d give it a go. And for all of my fellow Michiganders, this brand is located in Grand Rapids! How cool is that? I purchased the black mascara which can also be used as an eyeliner. I add just the smallest bit of oil and it creates a lovely consistency that makes it easy to apply. You can purchase setting powder for the cake mascara through Clean-Faced Cosmetics, but I am currently using a black eyeshadow to set it, and it’s working quite well so far.

And that’s my low-waste makeup haul! If y’all have any brands that you like, I would love to hear about them!

Thank you so much for reading!


Mattie Mae

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