Day Seventeen of Blogmas: Dried Orange Garland.

Hello, my dear friends! Happy Monday to you all. And a happy Christmas Eve Eve as well!!! In today’s blog I wanted to share with you a little project that I did over the weekend. This holiday season I’ve seen so many Instagram posts where people were making garlands out of dried oranges and itContinue reading “Day Seventeen of Blogmas: Dried Orange Garland.”

Day Sixteen of Blogmas: Downtown Christmas Scenes.

Hello, dear friends! I’ve gotten to be quite behind on Blogmas, I’m afraid. Days fade away so quickly, and we just can’t manage to do all the things that we want to. Like writing, or enjoying downtowns during Christmastime, or writing about enjoying downtowns during Christmas time. This post is quite brief, but I wantedContinue reading “Day Sixteen of Blogmas: Downtown Christmas Scenes.”

Day Fifteen of Blogmas: What I Made for Dinner Tonight.

Hello, my dearest friends! I hope that your Wednesday is going well! I’m getting so excited for the weekend. In today’s post I thought I’d detail what I made for dinner tonight. Tonight I decided to make stuffed peppers with a side of rice. As usual, there are no real measurements, I just kind ofContinue reading “Day Fifteen of Blogmas: What I Made for Dinner Tonight.”

Day Fourteen of Blogmas: Switching Laundry Detergents.

Hello, my dear friends! Happy Tuesday to you all. I hope that you are all staying warm and cozy as winter marches on. I haven’t gotten sick of the cold and the snow yet, when I walk outside and find it snowing, I immediately get a big ol’ smile on my face. Speaking of thingsContinue reading “Day Fourteen of Blogmas: Switching Laundry Detergents.”

Day Thirteen of Blogmas: My Frankenstein Chili Recipe.

Hello, friends! Happy Monday to you all! I’ve been embarrassingly behind on Blogmas, so, I’m thinking that there may be a day soon, most likely this weekend, where there will be a couple of blog posts, but on today’s agenda: chili! I’ve made white chicken chili too many times to count, but I’ve never madeContinue reading “Day Thirteen of Blogmas: My Frankenstein Chili Recipe.”

Day Twelve of Blogmas: Five of My Favorite Christmas-themed TV Episodes.

Hello, friends! Today’s post I thought I’d write a quick list of some of my favorite Christmas-themed TV episodes. I love when TV shows do holiday episodes, be it Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, or, in this case, Christmas! There may be a SPOILER or two below, so beware! New Girl. “The 23rd”. Season 1, episode 9.Continue reading “Day Twelve of Blogmas: Five of My Favorite Christmas-themed TV Episodes.”

Day Eleven of Blogmas: Wilson Antiques.

Hello, my dear friends! Today’s blog post is quite different than all of our other Blogmas posts, because today’s post I’m going to link y’all to a Youtube video I created! Yes, I do have a Youtube channel, but I currently only have three videos on it. I’d like to start making more of them,Continue reading “Day Eleven of Blogmas: Wilson Antiques.”

Day Ten of Blogmas: My November 2019 Playlist.

Hello, my dear friends! Happy Tuesday! I can’t believe it’s already day ten of Blogmas. I’ve really been liking doing a blog a day because it helps me to not be so particular about my posts. I do my best on every post, but sometimes they are not 100% perfect, and I’m learning to beContinue reading “Day Ten of Blogmas: My November 2019 Playlist.”

Day Nine of Blogmas: Combatting Seasonal Depression.

Hello, friends! A happy Monday to you all! I hope that this week is treating you well so far. In today’s post I wanted to talk a little bit about seasonal depression. Not the most lighthearted of posts, but something that I think is incredibly important to talk about. I actually wrote a blog postContinue reading “Day Nine of Blogmas: Combatting Seasonal Depression.”

Day Eight of Blogmas: My Holiday Perfectionism.

Hello, my friends! Happy Sunday to you all! I hope that you had a great weekend, and that this upcoming week is kind to you. I thought that today I would write a post actually related to the holidays. A holiday post for Blogmas. A thing like that! I saw a picture on Facebook thatContinue reading “Day Eight of Blogmas: My Holiday Perfectionism.”