Day Fifteen of Blogmas: What I Made for Dinner Tonight.

Hello, my dearest friends! I hope that your Wednesday is going well! I’m getting so excited for the weekend. In today’s post I thought I’d detail what I made for dinner tonight.

Tonight I decided to make stuffed peppers with a side of rice. As usual, there are no real measurements, I just kind of did what felt right.


  • Around one pound of ground beef (You could also use veggie beef, Gardein’s beefless ground is SO good.)
  • Around one and a half slabs of cream cheese. (I don’t know if slab is quite the right word, but we buy the boxes of cream cheese that come in the silver wrappings, if that makes sense…)
  • Eight ounces of pepper jack cheese.
  • Four green peppers.
  • Two cups of rice.
  • Four ounces of tomato paste.
  • Around a cup of salsa.


  1. The first thing that I did was brown the ground beef. You can add whatever spices you prefer, I added cumin to mine.
  2. As I was browning the meat, I put on a pan with four cups of water in it, and waited for it to boil.
  3. Once the ground beef was finished, I made sure to drain the grease and I put the beef in a large mixing bowl.
  4. When the water began to boil, I put in two cups of brown rice and put a lid so that it could boil the rice. This took about twenty minutes.
  5. I took out the green peppers from the fridge and I made sure to give them a good rinsing. (I’ve been thinking about maybe buying a produce wash from the supermarket, because it doesn’t seem to me like rinsing it does a whole lot, but I could just be a bit paranoid.)
  6. I halved all four of the green peppers, and made sure to hollow them out enough to where they could be filled with the cream cheese mixture.
  7. I grabbed the same bowl that I put the ground beef in and stirred in eight ounces of pepperjack cheese and around one and a half slabs of cream cheese. I kept stirring until everything was evenly distributed, which was actually pretty easy because the ground beef was still pretty warm.
  8. After it was all mixed together, I scooped them all into the hollowed out peppers.
  9. I stuck the peppers into a serving dish with a little bit of vegetable oil on the bottom and put them in the oven for forty minutes at 400 degrees.
  10. As the peppers began to cook, I tended to the rice. Once it was nice and fluffy, I stirred in some tomato paste, around four ounces into the rice. (The tomato paste was actually leftover from the chili I made! Waste not, want not, my friends. <3) I also added some cumin, Trader Joe’s chili lime seasoning, and some salsa as well.
  11. Once the rice and peppers were done, I plated them and added a scoop of sour cream to each pepper.

And that’s that, my friends! All in all, this meal took about an hour and a half, and it was DELICIOUS. And even better… we have leftovers!!!

Thank you so much for reading, my dear friends.


Mattie Mae

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