Day Sixteen of Blogmas: Downtown Christmas Scenes.

Hello, dear friends! I’ve gotten to be quite behind on Blogmas, I’m afraid. Days fade away so quickly, and we just can’t manage to do all the things that we want to. Like writing, or enjoying downtowns during Christmastime, or writing about enjoying downtowns during Christmas time. This post is quite brief, but I wanted to highlight some of my favorite pictures that I’ve captured the past couple of years. Downtowns seem to be the heart of a town or city and I think that’s why they seem to feel so warm and welcoming come the holiday season.

Downtown Traverse City, 2019.

Downtown Traverse City, 2018.

Downtown Mount Pleasant, 2018.

Downtown Petoskey, 2018.

Downtown Mount Pleasant, 2018.

Thank you so much for reading (and viewing) this post! It’s a little short, I know, but I hope that you enjoyed it all the same.


Mattie Mae

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