Day One of Blogmas: an Introduction.

Hello, my dear friends! And happy December to you all! This December I’ve decided to try my hand at Blogmas. From my understanding, Blogmas is essentially posting every day up until Christmas. I think it’s meant to predominately be Christmas related, but as long as I make a post a day, I’m going to count it good! I have some really awesome posts planned, and I’m so excited to share them all with you! I think it will also be nice that I’ll have a little log of all my Christmas festivities, so I’ll be able to look back and relive December 2019!

This Blogmas I plan on writing about:

  • Makeup looks for holiday festivities.
  • WARM outfit ideas for a midwest winter.
  • How to MINDFULLY give gifts.
  • My favorite Christmas movies, tv show episodes, and music.
  • Some DELICIOUS holiday recipes.
  • And much, much more!

I also plan on sprinkling in some content NOT related to the holidays, like my November favorites, an Elate cosmetics review, and a November empties post.

I would also love some suggestions, if y’all have any! What holiday things should I write about?

This post is pretty small, but I wanted to give a quick introduction to Blogmas! I look forward to seeing you all TOMORROW. (Trying to keep myself accountable here!!!)

Thank you so much for reading!!!


Mattie Mae

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