Day One of Blogmas: an Introduction.

Hello, my dear friends! And happy December to you all! This December I’ve decided to try my hand at Blogmas. From my understanding, Blogmas is essentially posting every day up until Christmas. I think it’s meant to predominately be Christmas related, but as long as I make a post a day, I’m going to count it good! I have some really awesome posts planned, and I’m so excited to share them all with you! I think it will also be nice that I’ll have a little log of all my Christmas festivities, so I’ll be able to look back and relive December 2019!

This Blogmas I plan on writing about:

  • Makeup looks for holiday festivities.
  • WARM outfit ideas for a midwest winter.
  • How to MINDFULLY give gifts.
  • My favorite Christmas movies, tv show episodes, and music.
  • Some DELICIOUS holiday recipes.
  • And much, much more!

I also plan on sprinkling in some content NOT related to the holidays, like my November favorites, an Elate cosmetics review, and a November empties post.

I would also love some suggestions, if y’all have any! What holiday things should I write about?

This post is pretty small, but I wanted to give a quick introduction to Blogmas! I look forward to seeing you all TOMORROW. (Trying to keep myself accountable here!!!)

Thank you so much for reading!!!


Mattie Mae

Published by MidwestMattie

Hello, all! My name is Mattie. I'm just a girl living her best life in the Midwest.

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