A Weekend in Mount Pleasant: Visiting Family, a Midsummer Night’s Dream, and the Blister Sisters.

Hello, friends! And a happy Friday to you all! As I look forward to THIS weekend, (my birthday is on Sunday!), I wanted to write a post about LAST weekend. I really enjoyed writing my post I published a little bit ago about my weekend, so I thought I would do another one! Enjoy!


So, last weekend, Bobby and I took a weekend trip to Mount Pleasant. We left town and drove to Mount Pleasant once Bobby got out of work. We stopped at Meijer before we got to my mom’s so that we could buy some logs to burn in her fire place, cuz tis’ the season! When we got there, we watched some terrible reality television, ate some of my mom’s delicious, homemade Mexican food, and RELAXED. It was such a wonderful and cozy night, everyone cuddled up on the couch and enjoying having a fire going.


On Saturday, my mom made us another delicious meal — french toast with strawberries, scrambled eggs, and sausage. YUM.

After brunch, Bobby and I took a quick trip to the co-op to grab a couple of things, and then we went to Goodwill. I found a couple of really great pieces, not quite enough to warrant a post all their own, but I may do it regardless… So, watch out for that post!

My little brother was part of the college’s performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, playing Peter Quince. It was a lovely production, and my brother did so well! I was so happy that I was able to go and see him perform. He has such a presence on stage.

After we saw him perform, we went on our way to another performance!

My friends are in a band called Blister Sisters and they opened up for two other bands that were playing. And oh my gosh, they were SO GOOD. Everyone there was just bopping and having a blast listening to them. It was so awesome seeing everyone in the band so in their element, doing what they love. They’re all crazy talented. I felt like a proud mom watching them.

And to further illustrate the fact that I am surrounded by some crazy talented people, my friend, Rosie Bauman, snapped all of these great pictures during the show! If you want to take a peek at some more of her photos, her Instagram handle is noprollumgollum. I definitely recommend checking out her photography.


Sunday was a day of relaxation, filled with more yummy food, a fire in the fireplace, and lounging around. It was also the day that we headed on home. It’s always so hard for me to say goodbye, in fact, I seldom, if ever, tell anybody goodbye. Instead, I say “See ya later!” It’s something that I’ve done since I was little. Anywho. It was so lovely being able to see so many people that I miss every single day. I’m so lucky that I have so many wonderful people in my life that are more than worthy of being missed.

Thank you so much for reading!


Mattie Mae

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