Labor Day in Leland, Michigan.

Hello, friends! Happy Labor day to you all! And happy September, too! Eek! In my opinion, it is officially fall and I’m going to begin decorating my home as such! As I write this, I’m drinking a delicious little coffee that will be featured in my August favorites… Stay tuned!

Today, Bobby and I decided to take a little trip to Leland, as we both had the day off. And my oh my, was it a wonderful day! ❤ Y’all know my love for cute little towns! And lucky for me, Michigan has plenty of them!

How stinking cute??? I was so tempted by these water bottles and mugs, but I stayed strong and didn’t buy any!
My cutie-pie!!! How sweet was he to suggest taking a day trip??? ❤
We didn’t go inside this grocery store, but I had to get a picture of their window. Even if I was taking said photo in a moving car. Sooo, perhaps it’s not the BEST photo I’ve ever taken, but I still think it’s adorable all the same.
Maybe I need to look at a thesaurus to find adjectives other than “cute” and “adorable, BUT… this post office was quite adorable. It was also very cute.
How beautiful is this view??? And not a touch of a filter on it! Bobby and I took a walk along the water and it was AMAZING. There was a slight breeze in the air and the sunshine was smiling down at us.

My friends! What a wonderful day today was! We also went to a little restaurant & tavern called Bluebird. I’ve been there once before, and their food is so scrumptious! They give you complimentary french bread AND cinnamon roll bread. That cinnamon roll bread is causing me to salivate whilst writing this… SO good.

And oh my gosh, we had the CUTEST encounter with a husband and wife, named Bob and Gloria. If you’re reading this Bob and Gloria… hello!!! it was wonderful meeting both of you!

As Bobby and I were entering the restaurant, so were Bob and Gloria. They asked us if we could take their photo in front of the Bluebird sign. They had the loveliest camera, and they asked us if we wanted our photo taken as well. We said yes, and they took our photo, but when we got to taking their photo… their camera was dead!

So, Bobby and I said that we could meet them after we both had finished our dinner to take photos, and they could charge up their camera while they were eating. After we payed our bill, we got up to peek around the corner to see if they were still at their table — they weren’t. We figured they must have finished before us and maybe they had left already.


They hadn’t! They were still in the lobby, so we were able to catch up with them. I believe Bob took more photos of us, as Gloria reapplied her lip liner in the car. I had set down my purse and my shopping bag, and she scooped them up and put them on the hood of their car so they wouldn’t get dirty. (How sweet!) As Gloria is doing this, Bobby and Bob (hehe!) were talking about their cameras, and Bob told Bobby that him and Gloria were portrait photographers for over thirty years!!!

As Bobby began to take their photos, another kind man came out of the restaurant and said, “I’ll take all four of your photos!!!”. We all giggled a bit, because I think he thought we were all related, but we all got in a line and got our photo taken all the same! It was so stinkin’ sweet and the whole time I kept thinking about how this was one of the cutest moments of my whole life.

Afterwards, us four talked in the parking lot for awhile, we told them that we’re getting married in a month (a month!!!) and they told us how they recently celebrated their fiftieth (fiftieth!!!) wedding anniversary. They told us that the years just fly by.

And I can’t wait, Bob and Gloria. I can’t wait… ❤

Thank you so much for reading!

P.S What do we think of my new way of editing the featured image on the blog post???


Mattie Mae

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