Be a Tourist in Your Own Town.

Hello, my friends! A happy Monday to you all! I know that I’ve said this quite a bit in my last few posts, but hellllooooo fall! The weather is just about perfect, as of late. Especially for taking beautiful afternoon walks, which is what Bobby and I chose to do, yesterday!

Some days, you just need to get out of the house. Sunday was one of those days for Bobby and me. We live in such a beautiful town, but we don’t always see it with appreciative eyes. Even having lived here for only two months, I’ve already begun to grow accustomed to this place I used to find so new and exciting. Which isn’t a bad thing per say, I’ve begun to feel more at home here, but I think there also is something to say about treating where you live as a vacation destination. I mentioned this to Bobby, and he said, “Traverse City IS a vacation destination!” Which is totally true, but I like to think that we can treat wherever we live as though it was a place where we chose to vacation.

We went on a walk in the woods and had such a splendid time. It was wonderful to be out of the house and enjoy the beauty that our town had to offer. Being surrounded by trees, breathing in the September air, and seeing many a cute dog…I don’t know that it could’ve been any better.

The leaves are beginning to change color, and they’ve started collecting on the ground and I can envision chai tea lattes, trips to the pumpkin patch, and Halloween.

It’s a beautiful town that I live in, and I want to start appreciating it more. This can apply to everyone and everywhere, we just have to become more mindful of such things. What makes where you live unique? How can you begin to see it in a new light? Begin exploring your town and see what it has to offer! ❤

Thank you so much for reading, friends! I hope that you enjoyed this little post!


Mattie Mae


Labor Day in Leland, Michigan.

Hello, friends! Happy Labor day to you all! And happy September, too! Eek! In my opinion, it is officially fall and I’m going to begin decorating my home as such! As I write this, I’m drinking a delicious little coffee that will be featured in my August favorites… Stay tuned!

Today, Bobby and I decided to take a little trip to Leland, as we both had the day off. And my oh my, was it a wonderful day! ❤ Y’all know my love for cute little towns! And lucky for me, Michigan has plenty of them!

How stinking cute??? I was so tempted by these water bottles and mugs, but I stayed strong and didn’t buy any!
My cutie-pie!!! How sweet was he to suggest taking a day trip??? ❤
We didn’t go inside this grocery store, but I had to get a picture of their window. Even if I was taking said photo in a moving car. Sooo, perhaps it’s not the BEST photo I’ve ever taken, but I still think it’s adorable all the same.
Maybe I need to look at a thesaurus to find adjectives other than “cute” and “adorable, BUT… this post office was quite adorable. It was also very cute.
How beautiful is this view??? And not a touch of a filter on it! Bobby and I took a walk along the water and it was AMAZING. There was a slight breeze in the air and the sunshine was smiling down at us.

My friends! What a wonderful day today was! We also went to a little restaurant & tavern called Bluebird. I’ve been there once before, and their food is so scrumptious! They give you complimentary french bread AND cinnamon roll bread. That cinnamon roll bread is causing me to salivate whilst writing this… SO good.

And oh my gosh, we had the CUTEST encounter with a husband and wife, named Bob and Gloria. If you’re reading this Bob and Gloria… hello!!! it was wonderful meeting both of you!

As Bobby and I were entering the restaurant, so were Bob and Gloria. They asked us if we could take their photo in front of the Bluebird sign. They had the loveliest camera, and they asked us if we wanted our photo taken as well. We said yes, and they took our photo, but when we got to taking their photo… their camera was dead!

So, Bobby and I said that we could meet them after we both had finished our dinner to take photos, and they could charge up their camera while they were eating. After we payed our bill, we got up to peek around the corner to see if they were still at their table — they weren’t. We figured they must have finished before us and maybe they had left already.


They hadn’t! They were still in the lobby, so we were able to catch up with them. I believe Bob took more photos of us, as Gloria reapplied her lip liner in the car. I had set down my purse and my shopping bag, and she scooped them up and put them on the hood of their car so they wouldn’t get dirty. (How sweet!) As Gloria is doing this, Bobby and Bob (hehe!) were talking about their cameras, and Bob told Bobby that him and Gloria were portrait photographers for over thirty years!!!

As Bobby began to take their photos, another kind man came out of the restaurant and said, “I’ll take all four of your photos!!!”. We all giggled a bit, because I think he thought we were all related, but we all got in a line and got our photo taken all the same! It was so stinkin’ sweet and the whole time I kept thinking about how this was one of the cutest moments of my whole life.

Afterwards, us four talked in the parking lot for awhile, we told them that we’re getting married in a month (a month!!!) and they told us how they recently celebrated their fiftieth (fiftieth!!!) wedding anniversary. They told us that the years just fly by.

And I can’t wait, Bob and Gloria. I can’t wait… ❤

Thank you so much for reading!

P.S What do we think of my new way of editing the featured image on the blog post???


Mattie Mae


Seeing The Raconteurs at the Masonic Temple.

Hello, friends! Happy Monday to you all! I had such a wonderful time visiting my family, but I am back home in Traverse City now. Back to routine!

I feel like I say “This blog post is so different from my usual ones…”, a whole lot, but I do think that this one truly is! I went to see The Raconteurs with my mom and brother on Saturday night, and I wanted to write a blog post all about it! It does terrify me a bit doing so, because I don’t want people who know much more about music than I do to get mad, haha. I’m not a music review blog, so if you’ve stumbled upon my blog on the search for professional music critiques… I might look elsewhere.

The first band that came on stage was The Stools. I had never heard of them before, but by the end of their set, I was definitely a fan. It seemed to me that they were very influenced by punk music, and they had almost a rockabilly vibe to them. They gave me major Dead Milkmen vibes.

The next band that came on stage was The Hentchmen. I enjoyed their set a whole lot as well. They were also very influenced by punk music, I found. They also heavily featured the organ, so I was, of course, a fan of that.

And then… The Raconteurs!!!

Now, here are my top three favorite songs that The Raconteurs played. Together, Consoler of the Lonely, and the finale, Steady as She Goes.

Together is probably my favorite Raconteurs song. They prefaced the song by mentioning that they wrote it in a very hot attic, much like the state of the venue that night. It’s possibly one of the sweetest songs I’ve ever heard. I had a thoroughly wonderful time swaying my little heart out to this song.

“You wrote our names down on the sidewalk / but the rain came and washed them off / so we should write them again on wet cement / so people a long time from now will know what we meant.”

Consoler of the Lonely is another one of my favorite songs by The Raconteurs. And their performance of it certainly did it justice, making it all the more rockin’. I’m a horrendous dancer, but this song definitely had me bopping and jumping all over the place.

“Haven’t had a decent meal / my brain is fried / haven’t slept a week for real / my tongue is tied.”

And Steady as She Goes… Oh my GOODNESS. A song that is wonderful always, but holy cow, was this performance absolutely fantastic. First off, the lights. The lights for the whole show were wonderful, but they were SO cool for this song. They just went wild, all over the place. This song had me jumping and screamin’ up a storm. Towards the end of the song, Jack White really had the crowd getting involved with it, having us repeat, “Are ya steady now?” over and over, building up for the end of the song. SO good.

“Find yourself a girl / and settle down / live a simple life / in a quiet town.”

What made this concert different than other concerts that I’ve been to is that there were NO cellphones allowed. When you went through the door, you were to put your phone into a bag that had a special lock that only unlocked using a piece of technology they had OR a designated area, where you could unlock it. Which was a really interesting thing and I personally found it to make the experience even better. HOWEVER. Some people did not agree with me, and managed to unlock theirs and come back and attempt to record the show. Those working security did not tolerate this. The gentleman next to me was one such person. He ended up being escorted out of the concert, reasonably angry wife in tow.. I shudder thinking what their car ride home was like…

Writing this post has made me realize I probably wouldn’t be the best music journalist or anything of the like, but goodness gracious, was it a great concert. Thank you so much to my mom’s friend, Jon, for getting us the tickets! It was an absolute blast.

Thank you so much for reading!


Mattie Mae


Spending the Fourth in Frankfort.

Hello, friends! Happy Friday! I write this post, sunburnt as can be. I had such a wonderful Fourth of July yesterday, but definitely could have used some more sunscreen. Luckily, I had a sun hat on so that I didn’t get burnt on my face at all. Bobby’s family and I spent the day in Frankfort, Michigan. We sat on the beach, we wandered downtown, and we enjoyed the fireworks. Such a wonderful day!

Below is a picture I took whilst on our way to Frankfort. I love barns and always watch out for them while on a road trip. And hey, red, white, and blue! And that fence is so endearing to me. Absolutely loved it!


This cutie pie yellow shirt is actually Bobby’s cousin, Jaden’s, but she let him wear it because it was starting to get a little chilly out! And how cute is it? I love it!


I’m such a sucker for all things Michigan, cabin decor, or beach decor. The little shops in downtown Frankfort were really speaking my language. I have such a soft spot for knick knacks, but I am proud to say I bought zero knick knacks! Go me!


How beautiful are lighthouses? As it got later, we were able to see it shining out on the water. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to capture any really good photos of it at nighttime, but that’s okay. I still had the experience. As great as photos are, it’s even more important to enjoy ourselves in the moment. 🙂


Nothing much to say about this photo, other than I love looking at signs for businesses. I don’t know much about graphic designs, or such things, but I know a cute sign and lettering when I see one!


How beautiful is this place? Truly so blessed to live in the Midwest, and even more blessed to live in Michigan!


As the we furthered into the night, we began to get apprehensive that there would be a thunderstorm, but luckily for us, theses intense skies produced no rain, thunder, or lightning!


Ah, the feeling of cold sand in your toes… or in this case, scalding hot sand that makes you wish you hadn’t left your sandals by your beach towel. When nighttime rolled around, the sand definitely cooled down, and felt MUCH better.


Again, how adorable are downtowns and their signs? I adore them endlessly.


How I wish I could’ve captured a photo where the lighthouse was in focus, but try as I might, the grass wanted to be the star of this photo. Oh, well!


And the fireworks! It was so fun being able to watch the fireworks from our beach towels.






This post is quite short, but I like the idea of being able to capture my day in photos, as opposed to always capturing them with words. In addition to my blog being a place filled with my thoughts, my outfits, and my home decor, I would like it to be a sort of photo diary as well. A great way to capture memories.

I hope that you had a wonderful fourth as well!

Thank you so much for reading!


Mattie Mae


Moving with Mattie.

Hello, friends! This blog is brought to you by an IPhone photo I took months ago, and a blog post predominantly penned on my smart phone. Not how I usually do things, but sometimes, we just have to make do with what we have. My laptop is packed away, my camera battery is dead, and I’ve had hardly a spare second today! I should be able to have a better quality blog post come Wednesday, but today has been a busy day spent packing and moving.

It’s so crazy to think that I’m moving from my little town of Mount Pleasant. I’ve moved a time or two in my life, but I’ve lived in Mount Pleasant for the past eighteen years. And today is officially the day. Well, technically tomorrow is the big move-in day, but yesterday was my last night at my little ol’ apartment. Tonight will be spent at a friend’s house. And then come 9 AM, move-in appointment!

I’m such a terribly sentimental person that I can’t help but wistfully think of every little thing as my last time before I move. I even felt a bit melancholy about it being my last time at the laundromat. If I let it get any further, the next thing you know I’ll be saying farewell to the dumpster that’s behind my apartment.

Oh, isn’t packing just the most dreadful thing? I’ve done my fair share of it, but I’ve never gotten any better at it. I definitely didn’t start the packing for this trip until waaaaay later than I should have. You never realize how much stuff you have until you have to shove it all into boxes and bags.

I’ll admit, the packing up of my fridge magnets made me the saddest, of all my packing done thus far. Bobby, ever so practically reminded me that there will be a fridge at the new apartment.

But that fridge isn’t this fridge!

There are things I will not miss, of course. How gloomy it was to only have one window in the whole apartment, how horrendous and prison-like it felt.

And I don’t want to give off the impression that I’m not excited for this move — I’m SO excited, but gosh, am I bad at saying goodbye.

That’s when I need to remember that it’s not a firm goodbye!!! It’s just a “see you soon”!!!

Again, this post isn’t like what I usually post, nor is it terribly long, but I thought it would serve as a good update for all of you, my dear friends.

Thank you so much for reading!


Mattie Mae


Simply Summertime: Five Simple Living Activities for Summer.

Hello, friends! A very happy Monday to you all! Today I wanted to write a post that is slightly reminiscent to this one, but different enough that I thought it was worthwhile to share. I felt compelled to write this in order to provide some inspiration for summer activities that are simple and don’t include spending unnecessary amounts of money.

  1. Admiring the flowers. I suppose that this one could work for spring as well, but I’m from Michigan, and you never know when these beauties will finally make an appearance. Appreciating flowers can happen all sorts of ways. You can find flowers in their natural habitat, or you can go to a grocery store to admire all of the beautiful pots of flowers they have. And maybe buy one or two… Or, see if anyone you know has a garden and would be willing to donate to your flower fund! I especially like the thought of that because then you have a patch of flowers that represent so many wonderful people that are close to you! My mom has a beautiful variety of flowers that come from many loved ones’ gardens.
  2. A picnic lunch. I absolutely adore picnics. I think they’re a lovely way to feel as though you’re eating out for much smaller of a cost! You may even be able to make a picnic lunch using food you already have in your kitchen. It’s a wonderful thing to do, especially when all you have are bits and pieces. A couple odd carrots, a handful of berries, and a chunk of cheese could be the base to an absolutely lovely picnic. And if the weather isn’t being kind, it’s also fun to have an indoor picnic! It’s the perfect rainy day activity. Rainy day picnics with a board game are such a wonderful way to pass the day!
  3. A scenic bike ride. Owning a bike is so wonderful because it can be put to practical use, when you have somewhere you need to be, or a leisurely purpose, when one has nowhere they have to be, but they just want to be out and about. You can look and see what sort of trails your town has, and take advantage of them. Some towns may not have such trails, but you could still bike all the same! You could maybe even sneak in an errand or two, especially if you have a nice little basket attached to your bike. Maybe a quick trip to the farmer’s market or to return some books to the library.
  4. An air-conditioned read. Speaking of libraries… I think that libraries, of course, are wonderful year-round, but there’s something about summertime library visits that are all the more magical. Maybe it causes me to reminisce of my summer breaks as a child, or maybe it’s because the air-conditioning in the library is such a wonderful refuge from the heat outside. Either way, this is one of my favorite activities to do in the summer. And once you have gotten your fill, you can continue your read under a nice and shady tree. How lovely!
  5. Wandering the Farmer’s Market. And speaking of farmer’s markets… I love a good farmer’s market. It’s so heartwarming to see so many hardworking individuals with so many wonderful things to sell. Maybe switch out getting your green beans from Meijer one weekend to buy a package of them from your local farmers. Or skip baking a loaf of banana bread to buy one from a local baker. I love making my own food, but I also love supporting local people as well. Bigger companies won’t care if you do or don’t buy one single loaf of bread, but for small businesses and local farmers, it will mean much, much more. I think it goes without saying that you shouldn’t spend yourself broke at farmer’s markets, but I definitely would suggest going and supporting your neighbors!

Thank you so much for reading, my lovely friends. I hope that your day has been wonderful so far, and that you’re able to take a minute or two today for yourself. A small thing or two that makes you happy!


Mattie Mae


A Townie’s Guide to Downtown Mount Pleasant, Michigan.

Hello, friends! Happy Friday! I wanted to write this blog because I know that many high school seniors are graduating right about now, so I thought this blog could be helpful for anyone that’s considering CMU.

I’m pretty sure that the word townie is known by most, but on the off-chance it’s just a Mount Pleasant thing, we use it to refer to people who live in Mount Pleasant year-long. It’s generally used to describe people who grew up here and who also went to college at CMU — yours truly.

I wanted to focus on businesses that are local and unique to Mount Pleasant. There are, of course, many other lovely businesses, but I wanted to highlight some of  my favorites!

I present to you, my townie’s guide to downtown Mt Pleasant!

  1. Stan’s! If you’re looking for a place to frequent for breakfast, look no further! For anyone as enamored by small-town diners as I am, you will immediately fall in love. This is definitely a diner where everyone will learn your name, should you choose to go often. Bobby and I generally go on Saturday mornings. So yummy! I have fond memories of coming here after first grade soccer games, and thinking that their grilled cheese was the best one I had ever tasted. They also have pictures on the walls of historic Mount Pleasant, which I love looking at!
  2. Pleasant City Coffee! First, let me say that Pleasant City Coffee has one of the BEST flavors of coffee ever — their banana-nut latte. I almost always choose this drink when I come here. They also have a punch card system where after ten drinks, you’ll get a free one! For any of my fellow coffee addicts, you’ll get there sooner than you know it. I also love this place because every time I’ve gone, they’ve played the BEST music. I always hear some of my favorites here.
  3. Ponder Coffee! Ponder sort of counts for two because they have TWO locations here in Mt Pleasant! One downtown and one on campus. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone to Ponder to study for exams, hang out with friends, or work on a blog. Both of their locations are also super cute, and I’ve taken more than my fair share of cute coffee pictures here. If you’re in the market for a good study place, look no further! Like Pleasant City, they have a punch card system that works for BOTH locations! Yay!
  4. Green Tree! For anyone who doesn’t know, Green Tree was my very first job! Green Tree is a wonderful grocery store that has an abundance of natural and local foods. My personal favorite part of Green Tree is the bulk aisle! I especially love the it because you can bring your own containers in and fill them up with whatever goodies you may find. Bulk spices come in handy too, especially when you need a spice that you may not need very often. You can get a pinch here and there and not feel so wasteful!
  5. Pure Vitality! This place offers so many unique things, especially for a small town like Mt Pleasant. They label themselves as a juice bar and a spa. I have yet to utilize their spa, but I have definitely had my share of their food. They have wonderful smoothies that I really enjoy because they don’t feel as heavy as smoothies that you may get at other places. They also have wellness shots, salads, and the best hummus that I’ve ever tried. This place is fairly new to our little town, so I would definitely encourage you to check them out!
  6. Redbloom Yoga! This is my absolute favorite place to do yoga. Everyone who works there is SO kind and they are genuinely interested in your growth. The prices are fair, and they have sales and discounts quite often. They provide you with cold water and tea. Every time I’ve gone, the class sizes have been quite small, which is great, especially if you’re new to yoga. A completely full classroom can be kind of daunting. They also sell wonderful homemade jewelry. It’s such a wonderful place to go, especially in the midst of stress-filled college. A nice place to relax. Plus! They have yoga mats at the ready in case you don’t have one, or if you forgot yours!
  7. Gray’s Furniture! For those that follow my Instagram, you’ll see that Bobby and I recently bought a table and a set of chairs. This is where we went! Before even talking about the business, I feel compelled to talk about the building. It is the most gorgeous building. It feels like a fancy New York loft. I know that sometimes they’ve held concerts in the upper levels. It almost makes one feel as though they’re in a Victorian mansion. The ceilings are absolutely gorgeous. What I really like about this place is that in addition to having new items for sale, they also have some beautiful antiques. As to be expected, some things are quite expensive, but there are also some things that are quite reasonably priced! They also have the most darling boutique inside!
  8. Brass Cafe! If you’re feeling like getting a little fancy, this is the place to go! It’s perfect for anniversaries, Valentine’s day, or even just to add a little glamour to your life! I’ve been going here ever since I was a little girl, and I gotta say, it never gets old! Every time I go, I feel like it’s the first time. The experience is just so wonderful, and lets you feel like you’re living in a much larger town than Mt Pleasant.
  9. Headliner’s! Finding a place that you trust to do your hair is difficult, especially when you’re a little shy (like me). I’ve been going to Headliner’s for over a year now, and I was able to go from a very dark brown, to a beautiful shade of blonde hair without ruining my hair. Every single person that works there is SO sweet, and they offer SO many services. I’ve even had them do my eyebrows, and for those that know me, know that this is a BIG deal. I don’t trust just ANYBODY with my eyebrows.
  10. Pisanello’s! If you’re looking for some yummy pizza, look no further! This is the BEST pizza in Mount Pleasant, Michigan. I know that this may be a controversial opinion, but not only do I love mushrooms on pizza, I like CANNED mushrooms best on pizza. And they have BOTH!!! Not only that, but they have the cutest little restaurant where you can sit and eat. They generally play oldies too, which I love. They also deliver, for those who are curious!

And that’s that! My top ten favorite places in downtown Mt Pleasant! I hope that you enjoyed, and for those that are new to the area, I hope this helped out!

Thanks for reading!


Mattie Mae


Legally Blonde: The Musical, Wedding Shopping, and the Cutest Bathroom I’ve Ever Seen.

Hi, friends! I wanted to do a little post this Monday because I had such an amazing weekend and took so many pictures that I wanted to share!

So, this weekend my aunt  and I went to Detroit to see Legally Blonde: the Musical! For those that don’t know, Legally Blonde is my favorite movie (tied with The Sound of Music). My aunt bought us tickets way back in October, so I’ve been impatiently waiting ever since. And oh my gosh, it did not disappoint! It was so dang cute!!! It was in the Fox theatre, which is just such a beautiful building. I wish we still designed buildings to be so lavish and ornate. I wasn’t able to get any pictures during the show, but I made sure to snap some of the theatre.



I also was sure to get some nice shots around the hotel!

My aunt and I also did some wedding shopping. We looked at a few wedding dresses, but I didn’t see any I liked enough to try on. But, we did find a lot of really cute decor and crafting supplies for decorating the church! I’ve decided that I want my colors to be a pale yellow and then white as well. Planning out a wedding while working and going to school can be kind of tricky, but I am do dang excited about it!!!! I’ll post pictures of what I end up doing with the supplies I got, but I figured that a picture of crafting supplies may not be as exciting to other people as it is to me… (hehe)

And oh my gosh, this may be kind of goofy, but we went shopping at one store in Bay City that had the CUTEST bathroom! The whole bathroom was adorned in fake flowers, assorted lotions, and just really cute little knickknacks. I was in LOVE!


Thank you so much for reading, have a great day!


Mattie Mae