Legally Blonde: The Musical, Wedding Shopping, and the Cutest Bathroom I’ve Ever Seen.

Hi, friends! I wanted to do a little post this Monday because I had such an amazing weekend and took so many pictures that I wanted to share!

So, this weekend my aunt  and I went to Detroit to see Legally Blonde: the Musical! For those that don’t know, Legally Blonde is my favorite movie (tied with The Sound of Music). My aunt bought us tickets way back in October, so I’ve been impatiently waiting ever since. And oh my gosh, it did not disappoint! It was so dang cute!!! It was in the Fox theatre, which is just such a beautiful building. I wish we still designed buildings to be so lavish and ornate. I wasn’t able to get any pictures during the show, but I made sure to snap some of the theatre.



I also was sure to get some nice shots around the hotel!

My aunt and I also did some wedding shopping. We looked at a few wedding dresses, but I didn’t see any I liked enough to try on. But, we did find a lot of really cute decor and crafting supplies for decorating the church! I’ve decided that I want my colors to be a pale yellow and then white as well. Planning out a wedding while working and going to school can be kind of tricky, but I am do dang excited about it!!!! I’ll post pictures of what I end up doing with the supplies I got, but I figured that a picture of crafting supplies may not be as exciting to other people as it is to me… (hehe)

And oh my gosh, this may be kind of goofy, but we went shopping at one store in Bay City that had the CUTEST bathroom! The whole bathroom was adorned in fake flowers, assorted lotions, and just really cute little knickknacks. I was in LOVE!


Thank you so much for reading, have a great day!


Mattie Mae

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