A Belated Post About my Anniversary Trip

Hello, friends! It’s been such a long time since I’ve posted anything on here. I thought I’d try my hand at Blogmas this year and figured I’d spend day one of Blogmas filling in the blanks from the last blog post (in April!!!) and now! In October, Bobby and I celebrated our THREE year wedding anniversary and went on a weekend getaway.

We went to Midland and stayed a night at a hotel, went shopping, and ate delish food. We didn’t go too far from our house, but there’s something about staying in a hotel that is SO relaxing. When you’re at home, you feel like you have to constantly be productive around the house, but when you’re at a hotel, you can completely enjoy your time and unwind.

We went to the absolute cutest store in downtown Midland. I wanted everything there!!!
We went to Barnes and Noble, which was extra special because that’s where Bobby and I went on our first date!
My favorite time of day is when the sun shines through like this. Such a pretty view from our hotel room!
How cuuuuuute is this Patagonia fleece??? I’ve never seen a Patagonia with a floral pattern like this before!
Is there anything ever sweeter than a free library? Especially one this cute?!?
Crab Rangoon dip!!! The best appetizer I’ve ever had.
I believe this was called the “ex-girlfriend roll”. SO good!!!
Such a tasty dessert. The portion looks small, but with how rich the chocolate mousse was, it was absolutely the perfect amount.

Such a great trip! Enjoyed spending extra time together.

Hope all is well, friends!


Mattie Mae

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