Hello 2023!

Hi, friends! My attempt at Blogmas, though well-intentioned, was unsuccessful. That being said, happy 2023! I hope that everyone had a pleasant holiday season and that the new year is treating them well. In 2023, I’ve decided that instead of doing yearly goals, I would instead do monthly goals.

January goals:

Close all rings on my Apple watch, everyday. It’s only the eighth day of the month, but so far, so good! And for anyone on the fence about squeezing exercise into an already busy schedule, it is SO worth it.

Finish redoing and decorating the main bathroom. I have a terrible habit of dragging my feet when it comes to finishing up home projects. The prime example being this bathroom. I first painted the bathroom a year ago and I still haven’t finished fully redoing it. I just have to get it done already!

Read four books. As of right now, I have not even begun a single book. Must get on this STAT. I have so many books that I’ve recently bought that I have not even opened.

6:00 AM alarm. Normally, M-F, my alarm goes off at 6:15 AM sharp. However, this month I decided I wanted to wake up at 6:00 instead to get a quick walk in before I got ready for work. This has been such an amazing thing to add to my daily routine, because I’m able to get a headstart on my steps for the day. LOVE it.

Get rid of all expired food in pantry/freezer/fridge. I like to think that I stay fairly on top of things such as this, but I somehow managed to have let at least five expired salad dressings slip through the cracks, so my goal is to get all the expired food out of my house so I can better see what I have and ideally not waste any more food!

I’ve never really considered doing monthly goals instead of yearly ones, but I have to say, it feels much more manageable doing things this way. Here’s to a happy and healthy year, all!


Mattie Mae

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