Window-Shop With Me: Home Decor

Hello, friends! I hope that all is well with you. Here I am – back on the blog! How exciting! I wanted to start a new series where I share some of my favorite internet finds. I love window-shopping, be it in person, or on the internet. I find it so enjoyable, and oftentimes, I find that it helps me from going crazy when I end up actually buying something. I generally compile a list of items that I really like, and then I give myself time to decide if it’s something that I want to purchase, or if it’s something that was just a passing fascination. Oftentimes, it’s the latter.

As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve bought a house and as such, I cannot stop browsing through home decor. Here are a couple of my recent finds.

If you couldn’t tell, I’ve been really loving pastel colors as of late. Let’s dive in – shall we? đŸ™‚

Kate Spade New York Laurel Streetâ„¢ Creamer: it comes from a larger dinnerware collection, but I found this blue and white striped dish to be especially endearing. How darling would this look on a beautifully set breakfast table? So cute!

Oona Sconce: this sconce – oh my goodness! I’ve fallen down a rabbit hole lately of sconces. Is this what growing up feels like? I have such an affinity for these ornate pieces, which is wonderful in theory, but for my bank account? Not so much. This particular beauty is $198 from Anthropologie – are we surprised? I think I’ll probably stay loving it from afar…

Kate Spade Lilac Kettle: now, I’m more of a coffee gal, but this lilac tea kettle is just too cute for words. The color – too beautiful for words! Functional and cute enough for decor! A win-win!

Kate Spade Blush Toaster: I never realized that I was a Kate Spade kinda gal, but according to my home decor endeavors, it would appear that I am. How ADORABLE would this toaster look on the countertop next to a beautiful farmhouse sink??? I love it.

Tilden Standard Metal Bed: I’ve been in the market for a new bed frame that matches with my decor and I’ve been trying to figure out if I would prefer a gold or a black one, but never had I considered a green one… This one takes such a classic style and adds a fun touch while still managing to be timeless. May have to purchase for my room!

And that’s all that I have for this round, friends! I hope that you enjoyed this series. Perhaps I’ll have to do more?

Thank you so much for reading!


Mattie Mae

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