A Little Update.

Hello, friends! I say this time and time again, but it’s always true – it has been far too long since I’ve made a post on this humble blog of mine. Life has been so busy as of late.

The most interesting update that I would say is that my husband and I bought a house!!! (I could very easily fill this whole page with exclamation points, but for the reader’s sake, I’ll contain my enthusiasm.)

We moved into the house in December and ever since then, we’ve been updating the rooms, little by little. I have a feeling that there will be many a home decor posts in this blog’s future. I hope that’s okay… 🙂

It feels nice to be back on here, it truly has been too long. It’s nice having my own little corner of the internet that can serve as a creative outlet.

I deleted all my social media off my phone last week because I didn’t feel that it was serving me, so I’ve been enjoying my time off of the assorted apps that I had become all too addicted to. Is blogging considered social media? Perhaps, but I don’t find myself scrolling through the WordPress app for hours on end, haha! I find it to be much more creatively fulfilling. [My site auto-posts to Facebook when I publish a new one, so if you see this through Facebook… Hello, Facebook friend! Hope all is well.]

Thank you so much for reading, friends! I hope to be back on here soon!


Mattie Mae

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