A Valentine’s Day Playlist, From Me to You.

Hello, friends! Happy Valentine’s Day to you all! Last year for Valentine’s Day, I made a post showcasing my Valentine’s Day decor, this year, sadly, I haven’t decorated for Valentine’s Day at all. To be completely honest, I still haven’t taken down my (fake) Christmas tree yet.

I love music and have a certain fondness for love songs, the good, the bad, and everything in-between. I thought I’d make a list including some of my favorite songs about love. Being in it, being out of it, and being sick of it. A song for every mood one could have on Valentine’s day. Enjoy! ❤

1. She Changes the Weather, sung by Swim Deep.

“She takes my time / but I don’t mind. / She makes me feel like, like I can see for miles. / She changes the weather in my world. / Seems like it’s never getting cold.”

2. Please Mr Postman, sung by The Marvelettes.

“I’ve been standing here, waitin’ Mr Postman / so patiently. / For just a card / or just a letter / sayin’ he’s returning home to me.”

3. Don’t Delete the Kisses, sung by Wolf Alice.

“I look at your picture and I smile. / How awful is that? / I’m like a teenage girl. / Might as well write all over my notebook / that you rock my world. / But you do. / You really do.”

4. Teenagers, sung by Desmond and the Tutus.

“Wrote you a note / sealed it with a complicated fold. / Made you a tape / okay, a cd / we’re not that old. / Ride our bikes to our friends places. / Ignore our friends / and act like teenagers.”

5. I Wanna be Your Lover, sung by Prince.

“I ain’t got no money. / I ain’t like those other guys you hang around. / And it’s kinda funny / but they always seem to let you down.”

6. Late to the Party, sung by Kacey Musgraves.

“And who needs a crowd / when you’re happy at a party for two? / The world can wait / cuz I’m never late to the party / if I’m late to the party with you.”

7. Valentine, sung by Suki Waterhouse.

“All I wanna ask is / somewhere down the line / won’t you / won’t you / won’t you / won’t you / be my Valentine?”

8. I Melt with You, sung by Modern English.

“I’ll stop the world and melt with you. / You’ve seen the difference / and it’s getting better / all the time. / There’s nothing you and I won’t do. / I’ll stop the world and melt with you.”

9. Friday I’m in Love, sung by The Cure.

“Dressed up to the eyes / it’s a wonderful surprise / to see your shoes and your spirit rise. “

10. Lovesick, sung by Peace.

“You don’t need to drink or eat / Stay awake or go to sleep./ Trust me, baby / I’m a creep / And I’m lovesick / with you.”

11. Spooky, sung by Classics IV.

“Love is kinda crazy / with a spooky little girl like you.”

12. Hanging on the Telephone, sung by The Nerves.

“Don’t leave me hanging on the telephone. / Hang up and run to me.”

13. Always Forever, sung by Cults

“You know you’ve got me in your pocket. / You don’t just have to wait around. / You know I keep you in my locket. / Just come here and we can settle down.”

14. Untitled Love Song by The Angels of Light

“While I lay dying upon some bed / I hope that you remember this / the only one I want to see is you.”

15. I Don’t Want to Get Over You by The Magnetic Fields

“I could listen to all my friends / and go out again / and pretend it’s enough. / Or I could make a career out of being blue. / I could dress in black and read Camus. / Smoke clove cigarettes and drink vermouth / like I was seventeen / that would be a scream / but I don’t want to get over you.”

16. U Angel U, sung by Elvis Depressedly

“I don’t see / nothing wrong / nothing wrong / nothing wrong / nothing wrong / in your eyes / in your eyes / in your eyes / you angel / you angel / you angel / you angel.”

17. Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?, sun by She & Him

“I got to get your presence. / Let’s make it known. / I think you’re just so pleasant. / I would like you for my own.”

18. My Kind of Woman, sung by Mac Demarco.

“I’m down on my hands and knees / beggin’ you please / baby / show me  your world.”

19. One Million Lovers, sung by The Growlers.

“Found a cure for loneliness. / I’m forever immune. / Stuck in my walk / and in my head / and I hum her tune.”

20. Pretty Blue Eyes, sung by Steve Lawrence.

“Pretty blue eyes / please come out today / so I can tell you what I have to say / that I love you / love you / pretty blue eyes.”

21.Venus in Blue Jeans, sung by Jimmy Clanton.

“They saw there’s seven wonders in the world / but what they say is out of date. / There’s more than seven wonders in the world. / I just met number eight.”

22. I Like the Way this is Going, sung by The Eels.

“I don’t care about the past. / None of it was made to last. It’s not who you’ve known / but who you’re knowing. / I like the way this is going.”

23. For Your Precious Love, sung by Otis Redding.

“And darling / oh they keep saying / that our love won’t grow now / but honey / I wanna tell them / and I just wanna show them / how in the world do they know that?”

24. Elenore, sung by The Turtles.

“You’ve got a thing about you. / I just can’t live without you. / I really want you / Elenore / near me. / Your looks intoxicate me / even though your folks hate me. / There’s no one like you / Elenore / really.”

25. You’re a Song (That I Can’t Sing), sung by The Four Seasons.

“You’ve only given me a flower. / I wish I had the whole bouquet.”

26. Flesh and Blood, sung by Johnny Cash.

“Mother Nature’s quite a lady / but you’re the one I need.”

27. Just a Boy, sung by Angus & Julia Stone.

“One kiss from you / and I’m drunk up on your potion. / That big old smile is all you wore.”

28. On Our Way, sung by Lana Del Rey.

“You say we’re gonna run away. / Put on your summer dress / summer day. / Flying around on the hallway.”

29. I Love how You Love Me, sung by Bobby Vinton.

“And when I’m away from you / I love how you miss me.”

30. I Wanna be Yours, sung by Arctic Monkeys.

” If you like your coffee hot / let me be your coffee pot. / You call the shots, babe. / I just wanna be yours.”

31.Here With Me, sung by The Killers.

” I remember when you were mine. / Just to reach you / baby, I’d stand in line.”

32. Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground, sung by The White Stripes.

“And every breath that is in your lungs / is a tiny little gift to me.”

33. Daydreamer, sung by David Cassidy.

“But now you’re gone. / I’m just a daydreamer. / I’m walking in the rain. / Chasing after rainbows / I may never find again. / Life is much too beautiful / to live it all alone. / Oh, how much I need someone / to call my very own.”

34. Bullfighter Jacket, sung by Miniature Tigers.

“No one seems to understand / how I long to be in the palm of your hand.”

35. I Want You to Want Me, sung by Cheap Trick.

“I want you to want me. / I need you to need me. / I’d love you to love me. I’m begging you to beg me.”

And that’s my 2020 Valentine’s Day playlist! I’m off to get ready for my Valentine’s date! ❤ Have a great day!

Thank you so much for reading!


Mattie Mae

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