Day Nine of Blogmas: Combatting Seasonal Depression.

Hello, friends! A happy Monday to you all! I hope that this week is treating you well so far. In today’s post I wanted to talk a little bit about seasonal depression. Not the most lighthearted of posts, but something that I think is incredibly important to talk about. I actually wrote a blog post about how to stay happy in the wintertime last year, but I thought that I’d write another, because it’s just that important to me.

As I oohed and aahed at all of the Christmas decorations adorning people’s yards today, I realized that Christmas is fast approaching. And if Christmas is fast approaching, that means that Christmas is almost over, and when Christmas is over, my seasonal depression begins to hit hard.

As much as Christmas can weigh heavy on my heart, I think that it provides some whimsy and joy in the days leading up to it. It’s something to look forward to, which is oh-so important when the days get progressively shorter, and you begin to feel sort of like a zombie.

As much as I absolutely adore living in the midwest, midwest winters can be a little tough on a gal sometimes. They last for such a long time, and during that time, it gets dark before you’ve even eaten dinner, you’re cold all the time, and for me, more often than not, you starting getting real melancholy.

Winter sometimes has you feeling like it’s chewed you up and you’re waiting for the day when it spits you out into springtime.

But what do we do when the holidays are over and the winter feels never-ending?

I don’t know if anyone else experiences this, but when I’m sitting in the living room during late afternoon, when it’s still light out, once the sun does go down and I find myself in total darkness, it sort of shifts my whole mood for the rest of the night. To combat this, once it starts getting to the point where I can tell it’ll be dark soon, say 4:00 to 4:30, I’ll turn on some twinkle lights or a small lamp, so that I don’t totally get overwhelmed by the time it gets dark out. It’s such a little thing, but it really helps me to not feel so blue.

Speaking of lights, I know plenty of people buy “happy lights”. I’ve never tried one, but I know that it’s supposed to improve your mood and boost up your energy. These might also be worth looking into.

I also think a big thing that keeps me content in the wintertime is always having a project. Last winter I did a lot of knitting, and this year, I’ve been doing a lot of spool knitting. Projects look different for everyone, but I highly recommend having one for the colder months. I like to get all cozied up on the couch, working away at whatever project I decide upon.

Getting yourself moving is another thing that can be quite helpful. This could be anything from taking a trip to the gym, doing some hot yoga, or simply going for a quick walk. Getting your heart rate up a bit and getting out of the house can do wonders for a person.

One of the most difficult but effective tips I have is to keep your home TIDY. In the winter months we spend the majority of our time inside our homes, so it makes sense that it would get a little messier than normal, but that also means that it’s all the more important that we keep our space clean! I find that keeping up with the dishes and laundry are the things I find most difficult, but they’re also what I find to be the most important. As with everything, this will look different for everyone. You just need to find the things that you need to do daily to keep your home tidy and functioning properly.

It’s also so important to not forget our personal upkeep. When it’s cold out I just want to wear big, cozy clothes and go into full hibernation mode. HOWEVER, I find that staying consistent in showering, grooming, putting my face on, and getting dressed for the day are essential for me in the winter. Well, all year, but especially in the winter, because that’s when I find it the hardest.

Something else I wanted to add real quick is that it’s okay to leave your Christmas decor up past Christmas if it makes winter more bearable for you! For a lot of people, Christmas is the only reason they enjoy winter, so if that’s what it takes to be happy in the winter, go for it! There’s something about a Christmas tree, even if it’s a fake one, that makes one feel content.

And that’s today’s blog post, my dear friends. I hope that it was able to help you in one way or another.

Thank you so much for reading!


Mattie Mae

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