Day Seven of Blogmas: What I Cooked My Husband for His Birthday.

Hello, my friends! I hope that your weekend is off to a great start. Today is an extra special day because it’s my husband’s birthday! I told him I’d cook/bake him ANYTHING he wanted, and I thought it would be interesting to document, so here we go!

The most important part of the day… coffee! It’s so funny, because when Bobby and I first started dating, he HATED coffee, and now he drinks it every single day. Usually he makes us our coffee, but since it’s his birthday, I made it for us. We recently bought a Mr Coffee machine because the coffee we’ve been buying was too dense for our Keurig, for whatever reason. Also, we make so much coffee a day, it just made sense. We’ve been loving our new coffeemaker also because you’re able to buy a reusable filter as opposed to those paper filters, which saves money and also cuts down on waste.

We’ve been using hazelnut creamer, which I never liked before, but I’ve really been enjoying lately. I don’t like my coffee too sweet, and some days I just drink it black, but this is nice when I want just a little added sweetness. I’ve been wanting to start making my own coffee creamer, so if you know anything about that… let me know!

And now… for brunch! I only took a picture of Bobby’s plate, but I ate the same thing, so I didn’t think I needed a picture of mine as well! Anywho. So, for brunch, I made runny eggs, toast on the most delicious sourdough bread, and… french fries. I know that this might seem a little silly, but Bobby and I made these fries last night to pair with dinner, and we had quite a few of them leftover, so instead of making us home fries, I thought we could just pair our brunch with some Rally’s fries. And I know that the thought of eating second day fries can make you cringe, which, believe me, Bobby did, BUT, I was able to make these fries taste delicious and crispy once more. All you have to do is put some vegetable oil in your pan, plop the rest of your fries in it, and cook them for a couple of minutes, around medium heat, and they’re good as new! Now, this might not work with McDonald’s fries, but it worked great with the fries that we get. They’re the Rally’s fries that you can find in pretty much any frozen aisle. I like to make most things from scratch, but oh my goodness, these are so delicious!

Unfortunately, you sure can tell that the sun had gone down when I took the photos of our dinner and dessert. I wish these photos had turned out a little bit better, but they both tasted superb, and that’s really all that matters!

For dinner, I made this chicken, bacon, and ranch casserole. I’ve mentioned this recipe in a blog post before, and Bobby and I really enjoy it. I love making casseroles because you can eat them for several meals, so while it is a a little more labor-intensive to make, I think it’s ultimately worth it.

And for dessert… brownies! This photo turned out so poor in comparison to the other ones, but it’s hard to take impressive photos of your dinner when it starts getting dark at 4:30! These brownies were super decedent and Bobby said that he could eat the whole pan of them, and I agree! Delicious! As I finish up writing this post, Bobby is on his third brownie! Success!

And that’s what I cooked today! I’ve linked the recipes for the casserole and the brownies, so if you’re wanting to try either recipe, you can.

I hope that you enjoyed this post, and I’m curious to know what sort of food you like to eat for your birthday! I’m happy as a clam with pasta, garlic bread, and ice cream.

A fun fact about me: I really don’t like cake, so when I was younger, my mom would put candles into her homemade stuffed garlic bread for me to make my birthday wish on. How cute is she???

Thank you so much for reading, my friends!


Mattie Mae

3 thoughts on “Day Seven of Blogmas: What I Cooked My Husband for His Birthday.

  1. Uncle Jim makes the most delicious marinated pork loin. A baked potato and sauteed corn. Yum. Dessert is my frosted brownies. I’m looking forward to seeing you during the holidays. Love. Nonie


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