Getting Married Young.

Hello, friends! I hope that your week has been going well! Happy Wednesday! So close to the end of the week — yay! As I write this, I have a loaf of banana bread baking in the oven. It’s my first time making it, so I’m hopeful and a tad nervous. Speaking of nervous…

I’ve been wanting to write this post for quite awhile, but to be honest, I’ve been kind of scared. For whatever reason, getting married young seems to be kind of a controversial topic. People tend to be quite shocked when I tell them that I’m engaged. They seem to think that because I’m engaged, I must have my life perfectly together. I don’t understand why they think that. I certainly do not have my life 100% together.

I also see a lot of posts online about how getting married young is a waste of your youth and gosh, I just hate that people think that. I’m not saying that everyone needs to run off and get married at 21, but I don’t understand why people feel the need to try to bring others down. I honestly believe that it has a lot to do with people’s opinions on relationships, which is a blog post in and of itself. I won’t get into that too much, but I think that in general, people seem to be viewing relationships entirely wrong. Relationships and by default, marriage, are wonderful things that can cause those involved to be able to grow together in a really beautiful way.

I am SO excited to get married. I think that it’s so exciting to be able to figure out life with your best friend, and by getting married young, you’re able to naviagte adulthood together. Bobby and I are able to help each other with different things and it’s so wonderful being able to teach one another. I think that bonding during this time of our lives gives us a unique experience that would be different if we had met later on in our lives.

I think that getting married young is also really unique because you’re able to be with your partner as you’re still really getting to know yourself. I suppose that is one reason why people seem to be so scared of it, but the way I see it, as people, we are always changing. We’re never done growing or maturing, so for me, there doesn’t seem to be any reason to wait.

Getting married is a personal choice that I would never dream of trying to force someone into, but I know that for me, it’s the right choice. I’ve always wanted to be married, the idea of having that lifelong partnership with someone is so beautiful and special. I think that it’s important to be with someone who feels the same way you do about marriage. If you’re with someone who has differing opinions on marriage, then the relationship is not good for either of you.

I think that everyone needs to know for themselves what their deal makers and deal breakers are for relationships. Marriage is a big one. I could never see myself being in a relationship with someone whose goal wasn’t marriage. It would be a waste of time for all involved. Bobby and I, however, have always been on the same page. We’ve always been very upfront about our morals and our needs for our relationship. A little extra fun fact: after our first date, I told my aunt Nonie that I could see myself marrying him! ❤

For me, the three most import things are: marriage, children, and religion.

  1. I could never be with someone who didn’t want to get married, as mentioned previously. I know that some people have no desire to get married, which is 100% fine. I just know that for me, marriage is a very important step in a relationship. I don’t think that I would be able to fully be myself if in a relationship where this goal was not shared.
  2. I remember being in first grade when the teacher asked us what we wanted to be, I said that I wanted to be a writer and a mom. I’ve always loved children and I’ve always known that I wanted to be a mom. I could never be with someone who didn’t also want kids. I know that this is another rather polarizing topic, but for me, my need to be a mother is something that I could never compromise on.
  3. And religon. I know that I’ve always wanted to raise my children in the church. I understand that there are many people in the world who do not follow a religion, and I think it is their choice 100%. I can only speak for myself and I know that I have always wanted to raise my children in the church and I wanted a partner to desire the same.

There are countless ways to spend one’s youth and I will certainly not try to pretend to have all the answers about the best way to spend it. I do know that it is a wildly personal choice, much like marriage. For me, marriage is something that I am so excited for and I’m counting the days down until Bobby and I say “I do!”. That being said, I understand that not everyone agrees with me or feels the same. I’m not here to judge others or try to dictate what people choose to do. All I know is that I stinking can’t wait and am so excited for the rest of my life as a married woman!!!

Thank you so much for reading!


Mattie Mae


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