Spring Finds From Target.

Hello, friends! Happy Saturday, y’all! In today’s post, I wanted to share some items that I recently purchased from Target. Since moving, the closest Target is about forty minutes away, so going there is a real treat. Also! I found the charger for my camera. YAY!

Hearth & Hand With Magnolia: Citrus Grove Candle I couldn’t find the link for this one online, but this candle smells AMAZING. I have a gold shelf in my room that I have assorted decor on, and I thought that this would be the perfect addition to the shelf.

Spr!tz Blank Notecards I love the idea of one day having monogrammed stationary, but until I get around to that, I thought I should buy some cute note cards that will give me the ability to write nice thank you cards. When I looked on Target’s website to find these, I noticed that there were so many other adorable options!

SUGARFIX by Baublebar Earrings Again, couldn’t find the exact item on Target’s website, but they have so many other cute earrings listed. I don’t wear much jewelry on the daily, but statement earrings… I cannot help myself. I wore these out and about yesterday and they added such a nice sparkle to my otherwise boring outfit. They also didn’t hurt at all, which I was a little concerned about, as they are somewhat heavy and I also have fairly sensitive ears.

Woven Multi Plaid Rug I love the color scheme of this rug and thought it would be a really cute runner for my room, as the pink is almost the exact same shade as my walls. I folded it in half and it added a little pizzaz to this dresser. Love it!

I also bought the entire Parks and Recreation series on DVD, as they took it off Netflix and my husband and I have been really missing watching it.

And my last purchase… I bought this for our friends’ daughter, is it not the cutest thing ever??? I will admit, I was VERY tempted to buy an extra one to squirrel away for a future baby!!! Haha.

And that’s that, my dear friends! I just cannot help myself with spring’s pastel colors, they make me want to buy EVERYTHING.

Thank you so much for reading!


Mattie Mae

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