Black-Owned Businesses You Should Check Out.

Hello, friends! It’s been some time since I’ve posted. I’ve been working on this blog post for quite some time and wanted to make it something that could be used as a resource to not only showcase some Black-Owned brands, but I also wanted to include some resources that I’ve found to be very educational.

My platform here is not a very large one, but I still want to use it to help educate and do my part to be a better ally.

Some Instagram accounts that I have found to be quite informative are:






The first brand I wanted to showcase was an Etsy shop called MadeByRheal, owned by Rheal, located in Oakland, California. This shop features beautiful handcrafted ceramic pieces, throw blankets, and coasters. There are so many pieces to choose from!

I bought this! I think it’s so cute and functional. I put it on my bedside table and use it to hold my engagement ring and my wedding band when I go to sleep. On the reviews it said that a lot of people use it for incense, which is a great idea too!

The second brand I would like to talk about is Laceandpearlsjewelry. Owner of the brand, Asa is located in Seattle, Washington, and makes the most darling jewelry pieces. When ordering from them, I did not realize that it was in fact a pre-order, so I actually have not received it yet. I wanted to get this blog up, so I will make sure to add it to this post when it gets here. Until then, here is a direct link to the earrings that I purchased. They are SO cute!!!

The third brand that I bought from was Briogeo. Briogeo is a clean haircare brand founded by Nancy Twine. They offer products such as shampoo, conditioner and assorted hair tools. I purchased this dry shampoo, which is cruelty-free and vegan. I’ve been looking for quite some time for a dry shampoo that I love. I’ve used just about every dry shampoo under the sun, but I never found one that I particularly liked. I found the smells of them to be too harsh and artificial, I didn’t like the formula, and lastly, they all used aerosol cans. This shampoo is so unique because you take the container and shake the powder onto your roots, almost like a salt shaker. The smell is faint, but it makes your hair smell clean. I’m working on getting through the shampoo that I own currently, but once I get through it, I definitely want to try one of Briogeo’s shampoos.

The fourth brand I bought from is GoldinJin. This is an Etsy shop based in Connecticut that sells many beautiful items, including jewelry, sunglasses, and skincare. Owner, Gigi, says that they were inspired to start their business by the love that they have for their daughter and their love for the color of gold. I purchased the Keep it Classy sunglasses in clear. These sunglasses feel so high quality and give every outfit a vintage flair. Perfect for the summer months to follow.

The fifth brand that I bought from was EllieMayClay, an Etsy shop started by two sisters. The name of the shop comes from their grandmothers’ names! This shop makes the most beautiful clay earrings. I bought this pair. I think these earrings would look great with a messy bun, a black sundress, and a simple pair of sandals. I’ve already received so many compliments on these!

I hope that you enjoyed this post, friends. Our money talks, and it’s important to do our best in making sure that we like what it says.

Thank you for reading, friends!


Mattie Mae

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