2020 Summer Bucket List.

Hello, friends! I hope you are all having a good Saturday. I’ve been spending a lot of time lately daydreaming about all of the things that I want to do in the summer, when the world, hopefully, has gotten a little less crazy.

I try my best in everyday life to appreciate the small things, but the world right now is making me realize that it’s possible that I wasn’t thinking small enough. And that is why, in today’s blog, I share with all of you my summer bucket list. ❤

Go to the beach.

Camping trip(s).

Plant a mini garden.

Go for a bike ride or two.

Frequent the farmer’s market.

Make homemade ice cream.

Go to a concert.


A trip to Nashville, Tennessee.

Fireworks on the Fourth of July.

Get a library card.

Rummage sale-ing.

Tie Dye old t-shirts.


Create a scrapbook for all my summer memories.

And that’s that, my dear friends! I hope you are all doing well.


Mattie Mae

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