Day Twelve of Blogmas: Five of My Favorite Christmas-themed TV Episodes.

Hello, friends! Today’s post I thought I’d write a quick list of some of my favorite Christmas-themed TV episodes. I love when TV shows do holiday episodes, be it Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, or, in this case, Christmas!

There may be a SPOILER or two below, so beware!

New Girl. “The 23rd”. Season 1, episode 9.

This episode of New Girl is so fantastic because it felt like we were witnessing the moment(s) where the gang started to really become friends, and it just showed how much they cared for one another, specifically Jess and Nick. Not to mention that Jess’s holiday dress is cute as a button in this!

The Office. “Christmas Party”. Season 2, episode 10.

I’m sure that this episode is on many favorite Christmas episodes lists, but it’s only because it’s just that good! I love the episodes that lead up to Jim and Pam getting together, and this episode is one of the many reasons why I think everyone rooted for them so much. How could you not after the teapot he gives her featuring all of their inside jokes???

Mad Men. “Christmas Comes but Once a Year.” Season 4, episode 2.

I may be partial to this episode because I love vintage party dresses, but I think this episode of Mad Men is just so fantastic. It is interesting to see Don unravel just as their new company is slowly, but surely, starting to get somewhere. I also love, love, love when Dr. Faye tells Don that he’ll be married in a year, and when he seems taken aback by this, she follows up by saying, “I’m sorry. I always forget. Nobody wants to think they’re a type.” Oh, how right you are, Dr. Faye.

The X-Files. “How the Ghosts Stole Christmas”. Season 6, episode 6.

This episode takes place on Christmas Eve with Mulder trying to convince Scully to investigate a supposedly haunted house. He claims that the house is haunted every Christmas Eve by a pair of ghosts who had made a lovers’ pact, resulting in both of them dying. Mulder and Scully spend their Christmas Eve in the haunted house, where spookiness ensues.

Also, the ending of this episode is so dang cute!!!

Gossip Girl. “Roman Holiday”. Season 1, episode 11.

Gossip Girl definitely evolved season to season, sometimes for the best, and sometimes for the worst, but season one is such a treasure. I may be completely alone in this, but season one is when the characters felt like real people, and as the seasons progressed, they began to feel like caricatures of who they once were. This episode, though… It felt so real to what it felt like to be a teenager. The crushes that feel like the end of the world, complicated family dynamics, and, of course, the GOSSIP.

Thank you so much for reading, my dear friends! I hope that you enjoyed this list, and that if you haven’t watched these shows, that I didn’t spoil them too much. What are your favorite Christmas episodes?


Gossip Girl

Just kidding.


Mattie Mae

2 thoughts on “Day Twelve of Blogmas: Five of My Favorite Christmas-themed TV Episodes.

  1. You can’t forget the old Andy Griffith Show where the entire family gets locked up for moonshining, and Ben Weaver keeps trying to get himself arrested.

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