Day Five of Blogmas: Taking a Break From Technology.

Hello, my friends! Happy Thursday to you all. Today’s post is all about what I do when I need a break from my phone, computer, and tv. Which is quite often, admittedly. In the wintertime, I have to stay extra mindful of how much screen time I have. In the summer, I generally spend a lot of my time outside, where I don’t feel as attached to my phone. In the winter, however… it’s easy to want to be cuddled up on the couch watching TV for far too long. In the winter, it gets dark so early, it’s easy to get to feeling a little down. I also get extra down when I’m watching TV for too long. Put the two together… not the best for my mental health. That’s why I do my best to stay occupied with activities that make me happy and fuel my creativity. As always, I’d love to hear what your favorite activities to do, sans screen!

Reading. I’ve always been a reader, but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve had less and less time and inclination to read. This year I’ve probably read more than I have in the past five years combined, but I’m still far from where I’d like to be. I’d like to start reading 2-4 books a month, as opposed to one or two every couple of months. Here’s to cozy winter nights, snuggled up reading a good book!

Writing. There are days where I want to work on my blog, but the thought of staring at my computer screen is SO unappealing. When that happens, I write out ideas for the blog in my journal, and once I feel up to typing it up, I do! I think writing is such a wonderful activity because you can write creatively, do some journaling, or even a to-do list. There’s just something so satisfying about putting pen to paper.

Baking/Cooking. I love the internet for finding recipes, but I absolutely HATE reading instructions and ingredients on the recipe’s website. You have to keep scrolling up and down to figure out what you need, how much you need, and what do with it. I want to start collecting some of my favorite recipes, writing them out, and creating my own little recipe box. I also love recipe books, and they’re extra amazing because you can typically find them at thrift stores for next to nothing!

Board games. I have at least a couple of blog posts talking about my love of board games, but I couldn’t write this list without including them! This is a great activity to do if you and your friends/family/significant other also want to take a little break from screens too.

Sewing/Knitting. I love sewing and knitting, especially come wintertime.The past little while I’ve been spool knitting every evening, working on making a cute little rug. I’ve even been thinking of writing a little post all about my spool knitting, because I feel like people don’t do it as much as crocheting, knitting, or sewing. The only reason I didn’t include crocheting in my own personal list is because I just can’t seem to get the hang of it! I can get the first row done, but I just can’t get to the second one. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

And there’s five of my favorite activities to do when I’m taking a little break from technology. I think all the modern inventions we have are wonderful, but it’s nice to live life a little quieter sometimes.

Thank you so much for reading, my dear friends!


Mattie Mae

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