Midwest Summer: Past and Present.

Hello, friends! I hope that your Friday is going well so far! I have OFFICIALLY gotten into the summer mood, even if it’s not technically summer yet. Today’s blog post is really just a list of assorted memories and things that I’m looking forward to doing in the summer. A hodgepodge of summer fun, if you will.

I am looking forward to going to the park, surrounded by the green, green, grass. A bountiful picnic lunch is brought along, as is a book. I recently re-bought Anne of Green Gables, as my old copy was MIA. (I bought Anne of Green Gables and Anne of Avonlea for $2.00 total at Goodwill!!!) It was one of my favorite books when I was younger, and I just recently started to watch the Anne with an E series on Netflix, and it reminded me how much I loved the books.

I think back to summer break as a child, my FAVORITE thing to do was to read outside. We had a large tree in our front yard that was perfect for leaning up against while reading, as long as I remained vigilant, there were bugs crawling around, after all. I shuddered to think of ants crawling on my bare legs, or bugs finding their way into my hair. However,  I was in their world, so I had to be kind.

My current apartment has ZERO grass surrounding it. The back of my apartment is an ally, with many a dumpster surrounding it. The front of my apartment goes towards the rest of the downtown area. To achieve my dreams, I must go to the park. Which is really no trouble at all, but it sure feels like a feat some days.

And oh, the Farmer’s Market! I look forward to them every single year. Ours just started, but I haven’t been able to go yet. Bringing a little picnic basket and buying some fresh fruit and supporting local farmers… Last summer I went and bought peaches and freshly baked banana bread. How fun is it that now I can make banana bread, too!

I remember doing Sparklers as a little girl, and how magical those seemed. Spelling my name out with them, my ankles being eaten alive by mosquitos. And how cool it was that I was able to be outside AFTER DARK!!!

Or even going to the river and wading in it, having the time of my life, despite it being packed to the brim with fellow townies.  I didn’t mind.

Even more exciting, the rare trip to the beach! Making sandcastles and writing my name in the sand, watching the water erase my characters.

Going to the library, relishing the air-conditioning inside, choosing stacks upon stacks of books to devour. I favored historical fiction, anything about the Titanic, Jupiter, or the Bermuda Triangle.

Walking hand-in-hand to the nearby gas station with my dad and brother to choose a treat, typically an ice-cream, a sucker, or a couple Bazooka Joes. Maybe even a Faygo Cream soda.

Or gardening with my mom, not really knowing  what I was doing, but enjoying the time spent with her all the same.

Right now I have a little strawberry plant that’s growing on my windowsill. Every day I’m excited to check on its progress and give it an encouraging word or two. Seeing the little sprouts getting bigger and bigger each day!

Going for walks with my Grandma after dinner. Her letting me put my dolls and stuffed animals in a little buggy. Ice cream and popcorn afterwards.

Learning how to make flower crowns out of the dandelions that always overtook our yard. Never quite getting it, just enjoying being surrounded by flowers.

Celebrating my brother’s birthday with an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen.

This blog post is definitely different from other ones, more snippets of thoughts than actual  concrete thoughts, but I’m feeling extra sunshiney lately, and wanting to write a post featuring some of my favorite SIMPLE summer things.

Thank you so much for reading!


Mattie Mae


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