Sunday Wisdom: Givin’ and Gettin’

Hi, y’all! Happy Friday! Hope it’s going alright for you, and that you’ve had at least one delicious cup of coffee today. I, as usual, have had a couple.

Sunday’s sermon at church was wonderful, especially for the holiday season. We talked about giving and receiving. The basis for the sermon was the story of the old widow who donated all the money she could, versus the wealthy individuals who donated money without a thought. Which isn’t to say that their contribution was meaningless, but the widow’s donation surely was more meaningful. It cost her much more than it cost them, which is of the utmost importance when donating. It’s not about how much you give, it’s about the nature of your giving. Nor does giving even need to mean giving in a monetary sense. Our time is equally important, if not even more important.

Which made me think. I go to church almost every weekend, and seldom do I donate any money. I readily will say “I’m a broke college student!”, which is true, but I do have some money to spare. Do I really need to spend $5 to buy a coffee when I can just as easily make it at home? Would that $5 be put to better use if I use it during offertory? Absolutely.

We also talked about giving and receiving. I definitely thought about this in regards to the holiday season.

Giving: I know that giving and receiving presents is not what Christmas is about. I know that, you know that, I think we all know that. But gosh, as I get older, I love giving people presents. We talked in church about how it’s not the price tag on a gift that matters, but the thought behind it. We all have our love languages, mine is definitely words of affirmation, but giving gifts is another way that I like to express my love.

Receiving: Now this one was really interesting to talk about. We talked about how sometimes, we need to allow others to give to us. Which, I had never thought about it. We try so hard to be independent and do everything ourselves, but sometimes we don’t need to do that. Allowing others to give to us is sometimes the most important gift that we could give them, as confusing as that may sound.

Hope you guys are having a great weekend, and I’m so sorry that this took so long to upload!


Mattie Mae

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