Five Helpful Tips

Hi, y’all! I’m right smack in the middle of the semester and I’m wondering how the heck I got here! Didn’t the semester just start? Wasn’t I just going to fourth of July barbecues? No? Well, yikes! While this post is specifically focused on college life, I think that all these things can be applied to non-college life as well.

Here are things that are keeping me sane (somewhat) during the craziness that is the middle of the semester.

  1. First and foremost, take your meds! If you don’t take meds, you can skip this one, of course. But if like me, you take medication daily, take your meds! I have the hardest time remembering taking mine, but luckily, I have a couple tricks that help me remember.
    1. Set an alarm on your phone!
    2. Write a note in your planner to remind you.
    3. Write on a sticky note and place it somewhere visible. The mirror, your toothbrush, your pillow, etc.
    4. Have a friend or family help you remember! My boyfriend is so good about texting me reminders about taking my pills.

Taking your pills is such an important thing and continuing to take them will help your mind and body work the best  it can. Life gets hectic and we sometimes forget things, but remembering to take your medication is vital!

2. Stay hydrated! It’s easy to not drink as much water as you should. I definitely am still working on this.  I think the biggest help for me is to buy a large water bottle. The reusable kind. I have a Brita filter at home that purifies my tap water which I use to fill up my 48 oz water bottle. It’s great because since it’s so big I don’t have to refill it as often. I take it with me to campus everyday and it really does help me stay hydrated. It also helps me not use as many plastic water bottles which not only saves the Earth, but it also will save you so much money.

3. Coffee is not a meal — eat! I am all too guilty of drinking cup after cup after cup of coffee. Which usually results in me feeling jittery and sick to my stomach. It’s usually then I have to ask myself if I’ve had anything to eat, or if I’ve only had coffee. It’s important to fuel our bodies so that we can perform our best. As a busy college student, I totally understand that it’s hard to find time to eat. What I’ve found works the best is to pack a lunch or pack some snacks with you, put them in your purse and backpack, so that when you have a minute or so, you’ll be able to eat. This saves you time and money throughout the day.

4. Map out your week! I am a firm believer in planners, calendars, and to-do lists. If I could get a job making to-do lists, believe me, I would. What I try to do on Sunday night is plan out my entire week in my planner. I map out my classes, my work schedule, and any other activities that I have for the week. This way, I’m less stressed and have a better idea of what I need to prepare for.

5. Lists! Going along with #4, is to-do lists! After I’ve mapped out my week, I decide what I want to do each day. I wake up Monday morning and make a list of what I want to accomplish that day. It can contain homework, taking a shower, or even doing the dishes. I think it’s important to not let our real life things get abandoned, even if we are busy with work and/or school.  And gosh, is there any better feeling than checking off everything on your list? I think not.

I hope you find these tips helpful! I hope that you’re having a great day, thank you SO much for reading!


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