Big Little Lies // Book Review

Hello, friends! As always, I hope that all is well. Welcome back to this little corner of the internet. Grab a drink and put your feet up, let’s dive into a Big Little Lies review! ❤

Big Little Lies informs us early on that there will be a murder contained within the novel’s 480 pages. Who dies? Who did it? And what many will wonder most of all – why did they do it? The reader then goes through the book questioning if one of the three narrators ends up being killed or if maybe, they were a killer themselves? Previous to reading Big Little Lies, I had seen HBO’s adaptation, so I already knew who was who and what was what, but I was still happy to go along for the ride. So, if there are any other people out there who saw the show and are wondering if they should still read the book, yes – do it!!! Despite it being 480 pages, it is such a quick read and it is so well-written.

The writer does a fantastic job of giving each character such distinct personalities that the reader finds themselves loving each character’s point of view equally – which is not always the case! We have three main narrators, Jane, Madeline, and Celeste. Each are mothers to children about to start kindergarten at Pirriwee Public School. Jane is a single mother, and is new to town. She’s much younger than the other mothers at the school, which leads many to believe that she is a nanny. There’s something about Jane that seems sad, but what is it? Madeline is mother to her three children and is now married to her second husband, Ed. Her ex-husband and his new wife live near them and this causes endless frustration for Madeline. She is fiercely loyal to those that she loves and is very protective to those she holds close. Celeste is married to the wildly successful Perry and is mother to twins. She is otherworldly beautiful and kind, but everyone notices that Celeste doesn’t always seem present, her head is nearly always in the clouds.

There are infinite twists and turn throughout this book that it’s difficult to go into much detail without giving important plot points away, and I will admit that I am horrendus at summaries – I remember being in elementary school when we were taught how to write them, mine were always longer than the original piece of work… OOPS. This story shows the power of female friendship, the ups and downs of motherhood, and the big little lies that we all tell ourselves.

Thank you so much for reading, friends! I’ve really got back into the swing of reading again, and I’m working on my third book of the month right now! I’m hoping some more reviews are on the horizon!


Mattie Mae

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