Gettin’ Cozy!

Hello, friends! Happy Wednesday! I hope that your day is going well today! I woke up not knowing what day it was, and only figured out when Bobby asked what what was going on the blog today. And well, today’s blog is going to be another little update on my moving adventures!

So, last I checked in, we had packed up everything from the old apartment and were headed to Traverse City. A whole lot has happened since then, my friends! Here we go!

First of all, I just want to say that Bobby’s grandparents were the BIGGEST help throughout this whole ordeal. They helped us move out of the old apartment, and then helped us move into this new one. Truly could not have done it without them! SO thankful.

Bobby and I had our appointment with the apartment office at nine yesterday, and then we moved EVERYTHING up into our new apartment. You never know all the stuff you have until you see it all packed up. We’re currently still drowning in all of the stuff we have to put away, but we’ve definitely been making some progress.

I’ll go ahead and tell you that my favorite part of this new apartment is that there is a washer and dryer inside!!! I’ve been doing laundry non-stop since we’ve gotten here. I even went so far as to wake up at 5:30 (for whatever reason) and decided it was of the utmost importance to empty out the lint from the dryer. I cannot tell you how relaxing it is to fold your laundry while sitting on a bed made up with fresh linens! It’s heavenly. It’s the small things, friends…

We even were able to make it to the pool yesterday! It was around eight pm so there wasn’t a whole lot of people there, which was definitely preferable. HOWEVER, there was the CUTEST family with their itty bitty baby who was having the time of his little life in the pool. And the pool even has a little recycling center! Yay! I think we’re going to try to make another trip there a little later today.

Today has been filled with lots of laundry, unpacking bags, and opening up ALL the windows to enjoy the sunshine. I may be wistful for Mount Pleasant and my family, but I will never miss the fact my old apartment had only ONE window. I told Bobby this morning that I felt like a happy little houseplant. 

Speaking of houseplants, I cannot tell you how giddy it makes me that my little strawberry plant is able to enjoy so much more sunshine here. I can’t wait to see how much it grows! I’m just daydreaming of the day when I have enough strawberries from it that I can make my own jam.

We still have yet to make it to the grocery store. My breakfast this morning was a bowl of questionable yogurt, so I am very excited to go to the grocery store and fill up the fridge! Lots to do, lots to do.

Again, this blog is a little shorter than my usual blogs, but I’m still working on getting settled! Hopefully by Friday we have the place all put together so that I can write a post showing all of y’all around! I’ll try my darnedest!


Thank you so much for reading!


Mattie Mae

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