It’s okay to Stay in.

Hello, friends! Happy Friday! Hope your week was great and that your weekend is going even better! For those of you that will be going out tonight, I hope you have a fun and safe time! And for those of you who will be staying in for the night… well, you’re in good company — me! 😉

I wanted to write a blog post about those of us who are in college and do not like going out. I want to preface this by saying that there is NOTHING wrong with enjoying going out. I think it’s wonderful how different we all are, and how we all enjoy so many different things. I think it’s silly that some people try to make it seem as though introverts are better than extroverts, or the other way around.

As I’ve said before, I was a very shy child.  I’ve always done better having a handful of friends instead of large groups of friends. I think this has definitely translated into my college life.

I think that for many, going out is supposed to help them de-stress and have fun. For me, going out always made me VERY stressed and I did not have fun. I’ve always prefered smaller group hang-outs.

I think that as people, we need to listen to ourselves. We can’t do things because we think we’re supposed to. I’ve had so many people try to convince me to go out to parties because “that’s what college is for!” and I’ve gone and I was thoroughly miserable. And for the longest time, I felt so bad about myself for not wanting to go to parties. Which, is really silly when you think about it. But I did. I thought that I must be so lame to not want to, and hey, maybe I am, but at this point, I can’t say that I care. I think that as college students, we have such little spare time, we need to make sure that we’re doing things that refuel us. I know that many people have such a fear of missing out that they feel the need to go out all the time.

Your time is so precious and you need to spend it doing things that make you happy. I hope that this weekend you’re able to recharge yourself, whether that includes going out or staying in.

Thank you so much for reading!


Mattie Mae


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