Sunday Wisdom: Jesus is Calling you.

Hi, friends. I hope that you’re having a good Sunday! I just wanted to write another post about what I learned in church. Hope y’all enjoy!

Today’s sermon’s theme was “Jesus is Calling you”. We talked about some of the awful things that can happen to others, how people that we label as drama kings and queens could very well have reasons behind acting the way that they do. This is something that I have to constantly remind myself. I’m not the only person in the world who has problems, others do as well. It’s hard to be patient with people who are behaving in such a grumpy way, but we have to be conscious that they may be going through something quite terrible. I’m certainly not saying that it’s okay for people to be unkind to one another, or that you should let people walk all over you. It’s a very delicate balance, one that I still struggle with.

We also talked in the sermon about finding  what God is calling us to do. I’ve been pondering this since eleven this morning, or more accurately, my whole life. I don’t think that I necessarily do things that harm people, but what am I doing that helps others? I honestly couldn’t (and can’t) think of an answer. I suppose that the age I’m at is a very self-centered one, have a job, graduate college, then find another job, etc. As I say in the beginning of most of my blog posts, I am so busy. But I don’t know if I can keep using that as an excuse. We can’t wait until our lives are “perfect” before we begin serving the Lord and helping those around us, because that day will never come. Our lives will never be as perfect as we may want them to be, and that’s something that we need to accept.

I think that we all have been given gifts that will help us find a sense of purpose in life. With the gifts that we’re given, we have to remember to be kind. It’s sometimes hard to do, I know. We live such hectic lives and feel so constantly overwhelmed, but we really need to put time in our day-to-day schedule to show kindness to others, even (and especially) if they’re being difficult. These are the people that need that love the most. We may not know what our gifts are yet, but we can still be kind to one another.

Have a great week!

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