A Packrat Composes Prose About a Vase of Flowers Past their Prime.

Hi, friends! I hope your day has been going well. Almost the weekend! Yay!

I’ve always been a bit of a packrat. I remember when my dad used his saw in our basement, I’d always collect the sawdust in little baggies and put them in my closet. I can’t tell you why I did this, because I don’t really know why I did this. I’ve always been a keeper of things. I still have just about every birthday card, party invitation, and thank-you note I’ve ever received.

And flowers. Oh, do I have a hard time getting rid of flowers. I can’t bear to, even when their water from them begins to stink up my kitchen.

That’s the story of these flowers. My Valentine’s Day flowers from Bobby. They’re still in the vase, the water either murky or evaporated. Seeing them in such a state makes me so sad. I wish I could breathe life into them again and make their stems green once more. But alas, my thumbs aren’t as green as I’d like them to be. As a matter of fact, I did (accidentally) kill a cactus once. It still causes me much distress.

But, I thought to myself, if I can’t bring a plant back to life, wouldn’t the second best thing be to give them a new life?

I took a couple baby’s breath and then some twine that I had bought for another project.

It was really easy, I just wrapped it around and then secured it so it wouldn’t fall apart. That being said, I’m not 100% confident that the flowers won’t fall out, so I may have to secure it further.

Thank you so much for reading! Have a great day!


Mattie Mae


A Date Night OOTD

Happy Friday, friends!!! I am so happy it’s the weekend! And even more excited because Friday is date night!! Bobby and I are going to the movies later tonight and I’m really excited! It’s pretty cold out today, but oh so sunny! I think I’ll definitely change my shoes for something warmer and cozier, but these were so perfect, I couldn’t resist!

Sweater: Target

Leather Jacket: TJ Max

Jeans: TJ Maxx

Sunglasses: TJ Maxx

Shoes: Target

Have a fantastic Friday, friends!!


Mattie Mae


“Today is the First Day of Spring, but it was Snowing When These Photos Were Being Taken” OOTD

Hi, friends! Happy first day of spring!! I’ve been on a roll with these OOTD posts this week, and it makes me so happy! They’re so fun to do and Bobby is such a good photographer! However, today was a little difficult when taking photos because it was so yucky outside. First it was raining, then in started snowing. Happy spring, right? That’s just Michigan for ya! I don’t call my blog Midwest Mattie Mae for nothin’.

Bobby and I went to Target today (my favorite place) and this dress really stood out. Bobby said, “You have to have this!” So he bought it for me — what a nice boy, hmm? ❤ I absolutely love the mustard yellow contrasting with the dreariness of the weather. It made me feel like it was springtime, even if it was snowing something fierce.


Processed with VSCO with c1 presetProcessed with VSCO with c1 presetProcessed with VSCO with c1 presetProcessed with VSCO with c1 preset

Dress: Target

T-shirt: Target

Boots: Kohl’s

Picnic Basket: Antique Store


Thank you so much for reading, friends! I hope that your Wednesday went well! Almost the weekend, yay! And it’s finally spring! Double yay! Even though it was kinda yucky and snowy today, I’m still super excited!


Mattie Mae


A Journey into Self-Love · OOTD

A Casual OOTD Paired with Thoughts on Self-Love.

Hello, friends! Happy Monday! I hope that your week is going well so far and that you had a great weekend! My Monday is off to a great start, I’ve had my morning coffee, I went to Qdoba for lunch with Bobby, and I am wearing a super cute outfit!

It’s only early afternoon, but I’ve been feeling so confident all day. It’s amazing what a cute outfit can do for you! So, I wanted to make an OOTD blog featuring it. And as usual, I had Bobby take the pictures. I stared at the photos while editing, not completely hating them, but not 100% loving them either. I stared at my legs. Bullying myself and asking myself, “Why have you been feeling confident? You look short and chubby in those pants.” But I’ve decided to post these pictures anyway. I like this outfit, I think it’s cute. I feel cute in it, too. Why should I let a couple of pictures change my confidence? Am I exactly where I’d like to be, weight-wise? No. I could definitely be doing more to live a healthy lifestyle. But I am where I am. There’s no reason that I shouldn’t still love myself. I’m worthy of my own love. So, without further ado, here is my OOTD post!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Jean Jacket: TJ Maxx

T-shirt: TJ Maxx

Pants: TJ Maxx

Shoes: Kohl’s

Thank you so much for reading, friends! I hope that this post inspired you, be it fashion, or be it body-positivity. I also hope that your week is going great so far, and I want to remind  you that self-love is SO important, and that each and every person in the world deserves to love themselves. That includes YOU!

Thank you so much for reading!


Mattie Mae


Shopping · tj maxx

A Spring TJ Maxx Haul.

Hi, friends! I hope that your week is going well so far! I wanted to hop on here and share some goodies with y’all that I bought at TJ Maxx. As I’ve said before, I’ve been waiting (not so patiently) for spring, and TJ Maxx had so many cute spring stuff today, so I definitely picked up a thing or two!

Firstly, I bought this super adorable letter board! I’ve wanted one for so long, but I just couldn’t find one that wasn’t super expensive, but this one was only around $8, I believe! I think this will be so cute to use for blog pictures, or even just for decor! So adorable.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

I also bought these super cute linen pants.( I acknowledge that I use the word cute way too often, but I generally find things to be pretty adorable, hehe!) I don’t know if you can see it very clearly in the picture, but the pants are white with dark red stripes. I paired them with a white tank top I had from Old Navy, and then a medium-wash jean jacket, also from Old Navy. These will be so great for not only spring, but also the summer, as I can already tell that they are super breathable.


I bought this dark navy and white striped jumpsuit. It feels like pajamas, but looks so put together, especially with some heels.  I paired it with a white chiffon shirt. I think it would also look nice with a little cropped white turtleneck. It’s such a great basic piece that simultaneously works as a statement piece.


I bought this little whicker purse too! It’s so unique and unlike anything else that I own. I only buy black purses, and even then, I only have two of them. I’m not a huge purse kinda gal, but this one just begs to be taken on a picnic, and if you know anything about me, you know I love me a good picnic.


That’s all, folks, but a couple quick things before I say goodbye!

  1. Sorry for the poor quality of the photos! I took them after it had gotten dark, so I had to use just the light in my room. Also, my lovely fiancé was unavailable to help me take these pictures, so I had to make do with using my messy room and my mirror for them!
  2. I bought the little succulent from Meijer, not TJ Maxx, but it looked so dang cute with everything, I just couldn’t resist!

Thank you so much for reading, friends! I hope that you saw a thing or two that you liked, and since I bought them today, you just might be able to find them yourself! Have a great rest of your week!


Mattie Mae

Monthly Favorites

February 2019 Favorites

Hi, friends! Hope your week has been wonderful! Can you believe that it’s already March? I sure can’t! I wanted to start a new segment on my blog about my monthly favorites! I was thinking about doing ten per month and seeing how that goes! Please share your favorites of the month, too!

1.My first February favorite was going to see Legally Blonde: The Musical! I won’t go into too much detail about it, since I already have a blog post up about it, but it definitely is still worthy of a mention

(Pictured is me after the show with my new Legally Blonde shirt!)

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

2. Another favorite of mine is this dress that I bought! I really wish that I could remember the name of the boutique it was from. I think it is just such a cute piece that is really versatile. It’s a great option for the transition between winter and spring because you can easily throw some leggings or tights on underneath and pair it with a jean jacket or a vest. You can also dress it down with a pair of hightops or dress it up with a cute pair of boots.


3. Now this one may seem a little bit silly, but when I was so dang sick earlier this month, this helped me tons: Elderberry flavored Kevita. Elderberry is known to help with sickness and I find that it helps me when I have a sore throat. I was drinking at least one a day for a whole week. If you’ve never tried it, I definitely recommend it! It’s super tasty, too!

4. My next favorite is Blaze pizza! We got one in town a couple of months ago and Bobby and I went for the first time last month. And as someone who grows more and more lactose-intolerant day by day…. pizza can be a tricky thing. This place has some awesome substitutions for various dietary needs. INCLUDING VEGAN CHEESE! And oh my gosh, is that cheese delicious. A lot of vegan cheeses aren’t able to melt very well, but this one melted wonderfully and honestly tasted like real cheese. Definitely recommend if you’re lactose-intolerant or vegan!

5. This favorite may seem super basic, but it’s still a favorite! I found the cutest jean jacket at, where else, T.J Maxx! I am a huge fan of jean jackets and arguably own too many, but I didn’t have one that wasn’t too large on me. For the most part, I like my jackets to be a little bit baggy, but I wanted to purchase a jean jacket that was a little bit tighter so that I could wear it with a slightly baggier dress. It’s not a steadfast rule per say, but generally, when I wear a piece that’s tight, I like to offset it with a looser piece. If I were to wear a tight pair of jeans, generally I’d wear a top that was a bit more flowy and vice versa. And this jacket is perfect for that! It looks so cute with the dress that I mentioned in #2!

6. Now if my Elderberry Kevita favorite seemed a little silly, this one may seem VERY silly, but… Garlic powder! I’ve always been a big fan of avocado toast, but holy cow, putting garlic powder on it changes EVERYTHING! It adds just a little something extra to it, adding so much flavor to it. Basically, I’ve been adding garlic powder to everything I cook, it just makes everything better!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

7. Now, a lot of people on the internet get sponsored by this company, however, I am not. I just find it to be wonderful! It’s the browser extension, “Honey”. You basically download it and then it searches the internet for coupon deals! I’ve sort of (yikes) gotten back into online shopping, so this extension has been super awesome for me.

8. As I said, I’ve been loving online shopping, and I wanted to share two of my purchases from the month of February. The first item that I bought was a pair of blue-light glasses. I’m sure y’all know, but if you don’t, they’re glasses that are designed to protect your eyes while you’re using the computer. As a college student who also blogs, these have so far proved to be a life-saver, as I seem to find myself on the computer a whole lot. Not to mention that they are so dang cute!

9. Another J.Crew purchase was an adorable scarf with the cutest little pom-poms on it. I love fashion scarves so much, but I always have the absolute hardest time finding some that I think are cute and/or practical enough for day-to-day wear. I think this one checks both of those boxes. It’s a beautiful light green/grey color that serves as a great neutral. I envision pairing it with my new jean jacket, a black t-shirt dress and some white high tops! I think it will be the perfect spring outfit. I’m wishing and waiting for springtime, can ya tell?

10. Last but not least, Hulu! I’ve had Netflix for years and years, but couldn’t seem to justify having a membership to two streaming services. But Bobby somehow convinced me, and I gotta say, I think Hulu may be even better than Netflix! What do y’all think is the better service? All I can say is that they have some of my favorite tv shows, Pioneer Woman included! Should I say goodbye to Netflix? Hmm….

Thanks for reading, friends! I hope that you’re having a wonderful day! What are some of your monthly favorites??


Mattie Mae