Halloween Decorating (Finally!)

Y’all! I finally decorated my apartment! Or, rather, I started to decorate. Halloween is one of my favorite Holidays, especially to decorate for. I just wish that I could have started sooner! But that’s okay, I’m already getting my Christmas decorations around… One of my favorite things about getting older and having my own placeContinue reading “Halloween Decorating (Finally!)”

Five Helpful Tips

Hi, y’all! I’m right smack in the middle of the semester and I’m wondering how the heck I got here! Didn’t the semester just start? Wasn’t I just going to fourth of July barbecues? No? Well, yikes! While this post is specifically focused on college life, I think that all these things can be appliedContinue reading “Five Helpful Tips”

Coffee Coffee COFFEE

Hello, again! Long time, no talk. As I’ve said before, I’m in college and things get BUSY. I’ve missed blogging though, so I thought I’d hop on and do a little one. It’s mid-October and I’m already starting to get sad about the end of fall. Does anybody else do that? Halloween hasn’t even happenedContinue reading “Coffee Coffee COFFEE”

A Target Haul

Happy Friday, y’all! I have a confession: I LOVE Target. To be fair, who doesn’t? I have a slight obsession. There’s just so many cute things to find! As I get older, I’ve started to become more and more interested in home decor and decorating my apartment. A large majority of my home decor comesContinue reading “A Target Haul”

Musings and Salutations

I, like most people, have always wanted to start a blog. I’ve always put it on the back-burner for a couple of reasons. One, I am HORRENDOUS with anything related to technology — websites included. So, please, bare with me on that aspect of this newly-founded blog. And two, what the heck do I haveContinue reading “Musings and Salutations”