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This to That: Setting Powder and Powder Foundations.

Hello, friends! I hope that your day is going well today! This was supposed to be posted on Wednesday, but, alas, time got away from me. I hope that you enjoy it all the same, as we dive back into our makeup journey! Today’s post I wanted to go through all of my setting powders and my powder foundations, share my thoughts about them, and then discuss what I plan on replacing them with. ❤

Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder, mini size, translucent. $23.99. I’ve heard so many people rant and rave about this product, and I admittedly bought into the hype and purchased it. However, I cannot say that I think it lives up to the hype. It works okay, but I find that my skin is still oily after using it. I also feel as though you must use a lot of product in order for it to work. Their website says that they are cruelty free, but not vegan. Also, the design of it is such that unless you’re willing to cut open the top (like I was), you will likely waste a lot of product. This product is quite expensive, I didn’t care for how it worked with my skin, and it is not vegan, so no, I do not plan on buying it again. Additionally, I am trying to buy products with less plastic, and this product is pretty much all plastic. I scanned this one on the Think Dirty App and it was given a score of 8, which is considered dirty. I tried to scan each of these products on the Think Dirty app, and this was the only one that I found. So, unfortunately, this is the only one with a score!

Mineral Fusion Pressed Powder Foundation, Shade Olive 2. $32.99. I really adore this foundation. It gives medium to heavy coverage, which I appreciate. It is also vegan and cruelty-free. I currently have the shade Olive 2, which is a bit dark for my skin currently, I would probably do better with Olive 1. This product is also mostly plastic, so I would maybe buy it again, if I couldn’t find an alternative with less waste. I would definitely recommend the product itself, as it has served me well, and it lasts a very long time.

Clinique Stay-Matte Universal Blotting Powder. The one that I have is a sample size, so I don’t have a price on it. It was given to me when I went to Ulta for my birthday, a couple of years ago. According to Sephora’s website, the full size one would be $28.50. This blotting powder is okay, I don’t think that it’s life-changing, but it does the trick. It definitely gives a more natural, no-makeup makeup look. However, Clinique is not a cruelty-free brand, so I do not plan on purchasing this item again.

Wet N Wild Photofocus Pressed Powder, in Shade Neutral Buff. $5.49. This powder works okay. I love that it is cruelty-free AND vegan, however, I feel like I need to put so much powder on to make my face a consistent shade. I think that’s amplified by the fact that this shade doesn’t quite work for me, which is, of course, no fault of the company. That being said, this powder doesn’t quite work for me. If I was ever in a pinch, I would buy it again, but this product is not one of my favorites.

Besame Cosmetics Violet Brightening Powder. $22.00. This product works SO well for lightening up your under eye circles, which, if you’re anything like me, is near impossible. I really like this powder, I just wish that the container was a bit bigger! From my research, this powder is vegan, but if you’re buying from Besame, just a heads up, not all of their products are vegan! I would definitely buy this product again, the only drawback being that is quite small, and is all plastic.

What do I plan on replacing these with?

I plan on buying Elate Cosmetics’ pressed foundation. What interests me about this powder is that you’re able to buy the compact and the powder insert, and when you go to repurchase it, you’re able to buy just the insert, and you can pop it into your compact. The compact is made of bamboo, and I enjoy that this product doesn’t contain plastic, as I’m trying purchase less plastic when possible. The foundation and the compact together is priced at $42.00, and when purchasing just the powder insert, it will run you $32.00. It is certainly pricy, but since I’ve stopped recklessly spending money on makeup, I feel okay about spending a little bit more, as my purchases are few and far between. It’s totally understandable that not everyone wants to spend so much on makeup, and I don’t want anyone to feel bad about not purchasing any of the products I talk about. I never want my blog to feel as though I’m trying to push products on you, I just want to share my life with all of you! Never feel pressured to buy what I mention! And the other way, too! If you LOVE any of these products, please don’t feel as though I’m judging you. Nothing is one size fits all, especially makeup, so some of these powders may be PERFECT for you! It’s all just my experience!!! I’d love to hear from y’all!!!

As I’m writing this, I’ve recently used up all of these, except for the Wet N Wild one. I hope to be purchasing the Elate Cosmetics pressed foundation soon, and I will be sure to create a blog post reviewing it.

I know this may sound silly, but the more beauty products I use up, and the smaller my collection grows, the happier I feel. I have such bad buyer’s remorse, and I feel guilty for buying things that I don’t have great use for. I used to be such an impulsive shopper, and I feel like I’m still paying for it! It’s so great feeling like I’m creating a collection of makeup compiled with products that I can feel good about, and that I genuinely enjoy! It’s so wonderful to have just the products that you LOVE. Every time I use something up, I can’t help but think that when we end up moving, it’s one less thing we’ll have to pack up. This of course extends to other areas, like skincare products, clothing, and shoes, to name a few.

Thank you so much for reading, my dear friends!

And as always, if I’ve made any mistakes, please let me know!


Mattie Mae

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A Weekend in Traverse City: Bubba’s Restaurant and Bar, Oryana Co-Op, and Trying a New Recipe.

Hello, my wonderful friends! I hope that your week is off to a great start! I woke up this morning with the worst stomach ache AND headache, so, unfortunately, I have not been as productive as I had hoped, but sometimes you just need to take care of yourself first!!! I had such a lovely weekend here in Traverse City, Michigan, that I thought I would share it with y’all! ❤

Friday Night.

Bobby and I have date night every week, and it’s generally on a Friday or Saturday. This Friday, I was feeling extra lazy, and not wanting to cook, so we had our date night on Friday! He had heard about this place from a friend, so we decided to try it out! And oh my goodness, it did not disappoint. The place’s name: Bubba’s.

Bobby got a seasonal drink. I can’t remember what exactly it was called, but it was a caramel apple drink. I got an Irish coffee, which was DELICIOUS. And much needed after a cold walk to the restaurant.

When you’re seated, you get a starter of pretzels and mustard, which was very much appreciated, as I was quite hangry at this point. It was a Friday night, so the place was HOPPING.

For our appetizer, we got the loaded fries. The loaded fries at Bubba’s include three cheese sauce, bacon, green onions, and sour cream. Now, I am not a fan WHATSOEVER of green onions, or any onions for that matter, so I just ate around them. That being said, I think that these are the BEST loaded fries I’ve ever had. The fries themselves were just so crunchy and delicious, pairing them with cheese just made them absolute perfection.

For our meals, we each got burgers.

Bobby got the carnivore burger with fries. This burger had steak, bacon, swiss, cheddar, haystack onions, lettuce, tomato, and roasted garlic aioli.

I got the Tex Mex burger with fries. This burger had a chorizo and beef mixed patty, bacon, provolone, guacamole, haystack onions, and a fried egg. I, of course, got it without the onions. It was SO tasty.

They also have veggie burgers, which I think I’ll probably try the next we go there.


On Saturday’s, Bobby usually works until noon, so we have the majority of the day to spend together. On this Saturday, I was feeling like an iced coffee from the outside world, and I texted Bobby asking if maybe he could bring us back some when he gets home from work. Luckily, he obliged. He bought each of us a caramel macchiato, which are my favorite. I will give a quick little life hack, though…

Caramel macchiatos are SO easy to make at home. (I’m just lazy, sometimes…)

Basically, all you have to do is make your coffee, and let it cool for awhile. After that, you add your ice, some caramel macchiato creamer, a drizzle of caramel, and then you’re all set! I did see a couple of videos online saying that caramel macchiatos are actually just coffee, milk, and believe it or not, VANILLA syrup. And then they add just a drizzle of caramel on top. So, super easy to make at home! HOWEVER, I do occasionally like to get a coffee made by someone else. Sometimes, it just tastes better!

After we were properly caffeinated, we went to our apartment’s gym. Bobby typically lifts weights and does abs, and I always run on the treadmill. I use an app called Couch to 5K. It is great for people who maybe aren’t the best at running… like me… It’s really nice to get a sweat in, especially as winter approaches. I honestly do it more for my mental health than my physical health.

After that, we went to the co-op!!! For those that don’t know, I worked at the co-op in my hometown, so whenever we go to the one in Traverse City, I get a little homesick while simultaneously feeling sort of at home. Cheesy, I know…


Saturday is generally our grocery shopping day, and before we did the grocery shopping, Bobby decided that he needed a little snack beforehand, so that he didn’t get too hangry… We went to the little cafe in Oryana, and we both got grilled cheese sandwiches. And holy cow, were they delicious! I can’t remember exactly the names of them, but I got one that was just plain cheese, and Bobby got one that also had turkey, tomato, and red onion.

After we finished grocery shopping, we came home, and I made dinner. Bobby picked out a recipe from Pinterest, I’ll link it here. And oh my GOODNESS, was this delicious. It took me quite awhile to make, because I kept burning the garlic, but it was definitely worth it. Bobby said it’s his new favorite! It’s a great hearty meal for the long midwest winter.


Ah, Sunday. Not a whole lot to say about Sunday, as Bobby and I generally spend it in our pajamas, watching Netflix, and relaxing. Sunday’s are probably my favorite day of the week, as we get to spend the whole day together!!!

I hope that y’all had a great weekend! I certainly did, and I loved writing all about it! Life can get so busy, and we can so easily forget the days that are a little less exciting, but they’re definitely worthy of our remembrance, all the same. If you ever are in Traverse City, I definitely recommend taking a trip to Bubba’s and/or Oryana if you ever get the chance!

Thank you so much for reading!


Mattie Mae

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Scanning my Lip Products on the Think Dirty App.

Hello, friends! A happy Monday to you all. I hope that this week is treating you well so far, and I am so excited to be writing this post today! Today’s post is a continuation of my makeup journey!

So, today I scanned all my lip products on the Think Dirty App. I attempted to scan a total of 66 lip products, and the app ended up recognizing 12 of the products. Some of the products themselves came up, but they didn’t have the shade that I owned, and I wanted to make sure that it was as accurate as possible, so I did not count them.

A little bit about the Think Dirty app: this is an app that was made to help people figure out what exactly is in their beauty products, and if they’re deemed “clean” or “dirty”. It gives you a list of the ingredients found, and if those ingredients are clean or dirty. Other users of the app are also able to leave reviews of the products, and you’re able to scroll through the app to find similar products that are better for you. And no, this post is not sponsored! Even if I wish it was…

Lip Products Found

  • Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Creme, in shade Kiss Me Coral, 750. This app gave it a score of 6, which is considered “half n’ half”. Revlon is not a cruelty-free brand, so, regardless of the score, I won’t buy it again.
  • Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Creme, in shade Ravish Me Red, 654. This app gave it a score of 3, which is considered “clean”. Revlon is not a cruelty-free brand, so, again, regardless of the score, I won’t buy it again. It’s a real shame, because I really like this shade of red.
  • L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche Lipstick, in shade True Red, 315. This app gave it a score of 8, which is considered “dirty”. L’Oreal is not a cruelty-free brand, so regardless of the score, I won’t buy it again. This lipstick is so nostalgic to me though, as it was my first red lipstick! I will miss it dearly once it is all used up.
  • EOS Lip Balm, Sweet Mint. This app gave it a score of 0, which is considered clean. EOS is not a cruelty-free brand, so, regardless of the score, I won’t buy it again.
  • EOS Lip Balm, Blueberry Acai. This app gave it a score of 0, which is considered clean. EOS is not a cruelty-free brand, so, regardless of the score, I won’t buy it again.
  • EOS Smooth Stick Lip Balm, Vanilla Bean. This app gave it a score of 0, which is considered clean. EOS is not a cruelty-free brand, so, regardless of the score, I won’t buy it again.
  • Burt’s Bee’s Satin Lipstick, in shade Doused Rose, 513. The app gave it a score of 0, which is considered “clean”. Burt’s Bees is a cruelty-free brand, but as their brand name would imply, the majority of them contain beeswax. Beeswax is generally considered okay for vegetarians, but since it’s a animal by-product, it would not be considered vegan. I’m working on creating a makeup collection that is cruelty-free AND vegan, so I don’t plan on purchasing this again.
  • Burt’s Bees Lip Gloss, in shade Summer Twilight, 245. This app gave it a score of 0, which is considered “clean”. Burt’s Bees is a cruelty-free brand, but as their brand name would imply, the majority of them contain beeswax. Beeswax is generally considered okay for vegetarians, but since it’s a animal by-product, it would not be considered vegan. I’m working on creating a makeup collection that is cruelty-free AND vegan, so I don’t plan on purchasing this again.
  • Covergirl Lip Perfection Lip Liner, in shade Passion, 215. This app gave it a score of 8, which is considered “dirty”. Covergirl is a cruelty-free brand, but this lipstick contains carmine, so it is not vegan. And as such, I do not plan on purchasing this again.
  • Blistex Raspberry Lemonade Blast Chapstick. This app gave it a score of 9, which is considered “dirty”. Blistex is not cruelty-free, nor is it vegan, so I do not plan on purchasing this again.
  • Bite Beauty High Pigment Matte Pencil, in shade Madeira. This app gave it a score of 5, which is considered “half n’ half”. Bite Beauty is cruelty-free, but this product is not vegan, so I do not plan on purchasing it again.
  • Buxum Big & Healthy Lipstick, in shade Amsterdam. This app gave it a score of 3, which is considered “clean”. Buxum is a cruelty-free brand, but this product contains carmine, so, alas, it is not vegan. Which is a big shame, because I looooooove this lipstick. When I was doing research on it, it was hard to find information on it, so I think it’s not even available anymore.

And that’s that, my friends! The app recognized 12/66 of my lip products, and of those 12, none of them I plan on buying again! This app updates quite often, so if it ends up recognizing some of my other lip products, I can do an updated version of this! Does anyone else get super overwhelmed when doing research about makeup brands? There are so many different things to consider, it can feel near impossible to find products that you feel okay with buying. And the thing is, I don’t know if I’ll ever feel 100% about any given product. All I can do is my best!

I averaged out my score for the lip products that registered, and I got a 3.5, which isn’t too bad, but regardless, I don’t plan on buying these again! I definitely wish that I could find more of my products on the app, but this is a start! I may even make another post after doing my own research on all my other lip products, and the ones that I find, if any, that are worthy of purchasing again. Creating a cleaner bathroom, one product at a time!

I hope that y’all enjoyed this post, and if I made a mistake on any of this, please let me know, and I will fix it!

Thank you so much for reading!


Mattie Mae

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Blackberry Cobbler, a Stephen King Novel, and the Pumpkin Patch.

Hello, my dear friends. I fear that I was a bit impulsive in my last two posts, saying that I was “back”. I am back, but perhaps not in the way I intended. In my blogging tips post, I talk about the importance of finding a blogging schedule that works for you. And I still stand by that, but I had been sacrificing the quality of content just for the sake of my schedule. I don’t want to do that. I want to post three times a week, but I don’t want to force a post out of the oven if it isn’t ready yet.

Over the weekend, Bobby’s family came up to visit, and we made a trip to the pumpkin patch! We had such a lovely time, and afterwards, we painted our pumpkins. Painting pumpkins instead of carving them is revolutionary, at least in the pumpkin decor world. Not only did we paint pumpkins, but we also did a corn maze. I hadn’t done one since middle school, and I think that this one was quite a bit larger. I’m glad that I wasn’t alone in this corn maze, because my sense of direction is horrendous.

The pumpkin patch owners’s dogs were also wandering around the patch, and they were all so friendly and kept coming up to say hello. We enjoyed their company while we sat at a picnic table, drinking apple cider and eating cinnamon sugar donuts.

I also made the most delicious blackberry cobbler for when they visited. I can’t really take much credit for it, as it was a Pioneer Woman recipe, but I definitely wanted to share the recipe with all of you. It contains self-rising flour, which I admittedly never heard of before. I read that you can buy self-rising flour at the store, but I used this recipe to make my own. We paired it with some french vanilla ice cream and a cup of coffee for an after-dinner treat. I have such an excess of frozen blueberries, so I made a blueberry cobbler yesterday, using this recipe again. Bobby liked the blackberry one the best, but I think that I liked the blueberry one the best. It tasted a bit like a blueberry pancake. Speaking of pancakes, I think that this cobbler would also be delicious for breakfast, paired with eggs, and again, a cup of coffee.

Over the weekend, I finished the book I had been reading, Stephen King’s Thinner. I don’t think that I’ve ever read a Stephen King book before, although I have seen a couple of the movie adaptions of his books. Apparently, there is a movie adaptation of the book, which I had never heard of. This book took me quite awhile to finish, but I found the last sixty pages to be the most exciting. And that ending! My goodness.

This post is a little bit scrambled, but I enjoyed writing it quite a bit. I think that it’s sort of like a mini monthly favorites. It’s a nice way to document the things that I do, and the things that I like. It feels a bit more personal than some of my other posts. Perhaps I’ll do more of these in the future!

I hope that you enjoyed it, my friends.

Thank you so much for reading!


Mattie Mae


Decorating Your Coffee Table.

Hello, my friends! I hope that your week has been going well so far! As I said in a previous post, I’ve been working on getting my home all clean, so that I can get to decorating it a bit more. One new addition to the living room is a coffee table! Yay! My aunt bought us one to be assembled, Bobby put it together, and I’ve been working on decorating it!

It’s such a fun process, and I love that I can decorate it so easily with pieces that I already have at home. I thought I would write a post with recommendations on what one can adorn theirs with.

Reading material. I currently have two magazines, Country Woman and Country Living on the coffee table. I also have a book about medicinal herbs. I think that coffee table reading is great decor, wonderful for any guests you may have, or if you’re wanting to gather in the living room, and take a break from your tv and phone. Magazines work great for this, as do large books. They take up a nice amount of space on the coffee table, and they’re easy to flip through.

Flowers. The flowers that are on my coffee table right now are fake flowers that I used in my wedding. I have them arranged in mason jars that were a wedding gift. Real flowers are, of course, always preferable, but sometimes ya gotta make do!

Coasters. The coasters we have on our coffee table currently are some really lovely ones made by a family friend. They look quite charming on our table, but they also serve a very practical purpose.

A candle or two. Again, charming AND practical. There is nothing more satisfying than sitting down to a clean home and lighting a delicious smelling candle. And they’re just so cute, too!

Framed photographs. I currently have a framed photo of Bobby and myself from our engagement photoshoot. It makes the home feel like it is truly YOURS and it’s a great way to display photos.

Table Runner. Again, I don’t currently have this on my coffee table, but I think that one would look quite nice. A thin one right down the middle would look wonderful, made in a color that calls back to the decor.

Seasonal items. I don’t currently have any fall decor on my table, but I may begin to add some in the future, but odds are, I won’t add anything until Christmas time. We shall see, my dear friends. Seasonal/holiday items are a lovely way to switch up decor.

I hope that I’ve given you some inspiration for decoration, and that you have a lovely rest of your day!

Thank you so much for reading!


Mattie Mae

Cleaning Chronicles

Resetting our Home for the Week.

Hello, my dear friends! A happy Sunday to you all. And what a cozy, productive Sunday it’s been. I usually try to get as much done on Sunday’s as I possibly can, but today I’m taking it a little bit slower, because I woke up feeling a bit ill. Bobby got sick right after the wedding, and as soon as he started getting around to feeling better, I began to feel sick.

That being said, we have been able to get things done. Such as grocery shopping! The older I get, the more and more I enjoy grocery shopping. My dear, sweet, HUSBAND (hehe!) does not enjoy grocery shopping as much as I do, but it must be done, all the same. Our poor fridge hadn’t been filled up in weeks. We didn’t go grocery shopping the week leading up to our wedding, and this week we just ate up our wedding leftovers, so it felt nice today to fill our fridge back up with goodies.

I made up a big batch of white chicken chili, one of Bobby’s favorites. I find that on a rainy day, when you’re feeling a bit sick, it hits the spot even more than usual! And whenever I make chili, there are always leftovers. I am of the opinion that leftovers are even more exciting than when you initially make a meal.

Even some tidying around the home got done! I cleaned out the fridge and organized it, and Bobby did some speed-cleaning. Speed cleaning is his speciality, and coincidentally it’s something I am absolutely horrendous at. I’ll start out cleaning the living room, get distracted, and end up in a different room, doing a completely different project. I fear my attention span isn’t the best. HOWEVER, I am a fantastic organizer. I would say that’s my strong suit when it comes to cleaning.

And to top it all off… watching Harry Potter 1 & 2! These two in particular are such cozy movies, perfect for autumn viewing. Rewatching them makes me giggle, because I remember watching them when I was younger and thinking that Ron, Harry, and Hermione were all so big, and now, they look like absolute babies!

I even got some reading done today. I’m so happy that I’ve gotten back into reading, and it makes me so sad that I went for years without reading for fun. I think I may make a blog post soon about what books I currently have on my bedside table. I always enjoy reading other people’s lists of books they plan on reading.

And then, to finish the day off… a tasty bowl of caramel praline ice cream. Today was such a happy little day. I’m loving married life, my friends. A blog post talking about the wedding coming shortly! I know that I don’t post on Sunday’s much anymore, but today I found myself missing writing something fierce. More about that in my next post!

I’m so happy to be back blogging, my dear friends. I missed it a whole lot.

Thank you so much for reading!


Mattie Mae

Engaged Life

I Got Married!

Hello, friends! I know that I wrote a blog post on Sunday, but I’m thinking of this post as my first real post now that I’m back! Like I said in my previous post, I’ve missed blogging so much! (I don’t think I’ve ever said post so many times!) I was finding myself having no real motivation or inspiration when it came to writing, and I think I was feeling a bit burnt out. I am happy to say that I am now MUCH more motivated, I no longer feel burnt out, and I am MARRIED!

It’s a rainy day today, and I am feeling quite content. I’m sipping on my coffee and am enjoying a leisurely morning. I am so incredibly grateful for the return of my slow life.

I am so thankful to our friends and family for helping us with our wedding. We truly could not have done it without them. A day or two before the wedding I told my aunt that I didn’t think party planning was in my future, and I stand by that. I admire people who are able to come up with decor that matches the vibe of a menu, people who know how to flawlessly assemble a seating chart, or even those who know how to be a perfect host. I have never been skilled at any of these things, which makes me extra grateful that there are so many people in my life who are.

This blog post is coming a little over a week late because I’ve been trying to get our home in working order before getting back into blogging. I’ve also enjoyed having the time to reflect on my wedding. And I’ve more than enjoyed my time being a wife!!! It reminds me of John Mulaney’s standup bit in his comedy special, The Comeback Kid, where he talks about how wife sounds so much more adult than girlfriend. (I tried to find a clip of just that bit, but couldn’t. The whole special is great, though! I definitely recommend it.)

I plan on creating a post where I share all the beautiful photos that were captured at the wedding, but for this post, I just wanted to take a second to reflect. The months leading up to our wedding flew by, as did the days before, and then the wedding itself. It’s all just a blur, looking back!

I feel unbelievably blessed to have had such a beautiful wedding, but I must admit that I feel as equally blessed to return to my simple, everyday life, only now as a WIFE!!!

It’s so nice to be back home, and settled back into our routine. I think it’s safe to say that Bobby and I are at our most comfortable when we are NOT in the spotlight, but I feel so absolutely loved by everyone who helped us with our wedding in any way at all. From a kind word to thoughtful marriage advice, to all of our friends and family who took time out of their day to cook a meal, set a table, arrange a wedding dress train… My heart grows three sizes just thinking about it all.

And to finish this blog post off, a bit of advice. Nothing terribly practical, I’m afraid. Just a quick thought about perspective. There was a moment when I was getting ready where I could not find my shoes!!! I freaked out, asking EVERYONE if they had seen them. Only to realize, upon being reminded, calmly, that I had put them in the bottom of my dress bag. I immediately calmed, and was able to get back to applying my lipstick. But in that moment, I was TERRIFIED. Looking back, it’s totally laughworthy. Weddings have so many variables, and it’s easy to get caught up in them, but at the end of the day… Weddings are for getting married! As long as you get married, your day is a success!!! All those inconveniences either become forgotten, or they become anecdotes for you to tell people later. Either way, IT WILL BE OKAY.

Thank you so much for reading, my friends!


Mrs Mattie Mae

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Spooky Movies to Watch this Fall.

Hello, friends! A happy Wednesday to you all! (It was Wednesday when I began writing this post, but as per usual, time got away from me… and now it’s Thursday. Oops!) It is officially autumn! And that means plenty of flannel, pumpkin patches, and SCARY MOVIES.

I know that most people have VERY strong opinions about horror movies, so I am a bit nervous compiling this list. I just want to preface this post by saying that it’s okay for us all to have differing opinions! I am also certainly not the most knowledgable in the horror genre, but I really do enjoy it. I will say that I tend to like movies that are more on the paranormal side, as opposed to most slasher films that contain a lot of gore. So, keep that in mind when reading this list!

  1. Scream. I actually just watched this movie for the first time the other day! I love any scary movie that is centered around teenagers. I find them to be quite endearing — if only for the fact that they make me grateful that I’m not in high school anymore. Especially not high school in Woodsboro! I don’t normally enjoy slasher movies, but I really enjoyed this one. I think it’s because the gore that they show isn’t the most believable, and from what I’ve read about the movie, that’s intentional. I think it’s interesting that it’s essentially a parody of the slasher genre, but it’s so many people’s favorite slasher movie. I know that most people have probably seen this movie, but I thought I would add it all the same!
  2. It: Chapter 1 & 2. I’ve never seen the original It, nor have I read the book, so perhaps I’m not the best one to review this movie, but here I go all the same. I love that while they are about a scary clown, they are more so about the friendship between the people in the Losers club. And the fact that Pennywise can manifest himself into every single thing that there is to fear… Yikes! I think that’s why people find these so spooky, because the films touch on so many fears, irrational fears mixed with fears that are all too firmly based in reality.
  3. The Conjuring. When I say The Conjuring, I mean ALL of the movies from The Conjuring universe. The movies in this series are all so aesthetically pleasing, and I favor movies of any sort that are based in the past. I just adore all the characters in this universe, which is quite impressive, because I find most scary movies do not write characters very well. My favorites in the series are The Conjuring and the first Annabelle movie. Great set design, beautiful costumes, and a spooky film universe!
  4. Before I Wake. This movie, as weird as it sounds, is very wholesome. And at the same time, it’s pretty dang spooky. A young boy, Cody, goes to live with a family that have recently lost their son. They soon come to realize that when Cody sleeps, his dreams manifest themselves into reality. Spookiness ensues… I would definitely suggest bringing tissues, too…
  5. The Ring. You may notice a theme on this list, but I haven’t seen the original, Ringu. That being said, I absolutely adore The Ring, and also The Ring 2. Now that I think about it, I think that The Ring was one of my first scary movies. The Ring 1 and 2 follow a mother and her child. I’m sure most people know about this movie, so I won’t go into too much detail, but essentially, everyone who watches a certain videotape featuring grotesque images will soon receive a call saying that they will die in seven days. Very great movies, I recommend both of them.
  6. Us. Bobby and I saw this movie in theaters, and it was such a wonderful experience. This movie definitely lingers in your mind after you watch it. The family dynamic in this movie is fantastic, and the acting is exquisite. A family is vacationing, when outside of their window is a family with people who look exactly like them. This one I REALLY don’t want to give anything away, so pardon my vagueness.
  7. Mercy Black. This movie is one that is a little lesser known, or at least I think it is… It’s available on Netflix! This movie centers around a woman who comes to live with her sister after being in psychiatric care for fifteen years, after killing a friend to appease an entity, Mercy Black. Was Mercy Black real, or merely a figment of the imagination of a troubled girl?
  8. Light’s Out. This movie TERRIFIED me when I first saw it in theaters. I was thoroughly spooked for quite a few weeks afterwards. It’s based on a short film, which I definitely recommend watching before you see it! Not because you need it to understand the film, but just because it’s so great and spooky! This movie follows a young woman who thinks that the terrors of her childhood are over, but when her younger brother begins to experience the same things, she realizes the past may have followed her. (Gah! Writing these summaries are so hard! I have such respect for people who write them professionally!)
  9. The Babadook. It’s been quite a while since I’ve watched this movie, bu I cannot recommend it enough. This movie scared me for quite a few weeks afterward. It’s a movie that’s centered around a widow and her son, and what follows when they find a strange book in their home…
  10. The Village. I’ve always had a soft spot for this movie, I remember watching it at many a sleepover. This film takes place in an isolated community that have a deal with the creatures that live in the surrounding woods. But when the villagers have to break their agreement, what will the creatures do? People seem to be quite 50/50 on The Village, but I think it’s quite wonderful, especially if you’re not wanting a movie that’s too scary. The colors throughout are quite autumnal as well, which makes it even better for fall time viewing.

And that’s my list, my dear friends! I hope that there are at least a couple of movies on this list that you haven’t seen yet, or if you don’t care for horror movies, I hope that you haven’t seen any of them! 😉

Thank you so much for reading, my friends! And happy fall to you all! ❤


Mattie Mae

A Journey into Self-Love

The Importance of Girl’s Night.

Hello, my friends! And a happy Monday to you all! Yes, I missed my Friday post, but for a good reason! Two of my BEST FRIENDS came up to visit me this weekend!

There is something so wonderful about getting ready with your friends. It is such a nice way for you to connect and bond. Helping each other choose an outfit to wear, choosing a hairstyle, selecting the PERFECT lipstick shade, and of course, sharing clothes and accessories. Watching the way that everything comes together with ease because you are together, is so wonderful! On Saturday, we all shared our accessories, shoes, makeup, hair products, and clothes with each other to create some really great looks that we couldn’t have done on our own. How symbolic of friendship is that?

Not to mention the fact that I am VERY much a creature of habit, and am seldom compelled to deviate from my routine. My friends are great for a multitude of reasons, but they are especially WONDERFUL at helping me get out of my comfort zone. And we had so much fun this weekend. They helped me organize my closet, clean my kitchen, finish up last-minute wedding planning, and just get me out of the house!

And I think we need that in our friends! I made a joke while we were getting ready to go shopping that I felt like we were Bratz characters, because we’re all so different from each other. And I cannot articulate how much I love that about my friends. I cannot think of a way to say this in a not cheesy way… but… it’s what’s in your heart that counts!!! You don’t have to like ALL the same things. It’s nice to have things in common with our friends, but it’s not EVERYTHING.

Our lives get so hectic and sometimes we don’t spend as much time pampering ourselves as we should. And I think the people who notice when we need that extra bit of oomph the most are our friends!

And that is my reminder to try and get together with your friends sometime soon, get gussied up, and do something FUN. Sometimes, you just need to let loose a little bit. It’s good for the heart. ❤

Thank you so much for reading, my lovely internet friends!


Mattie Mae


One Piece: Multiple Looks.

Hello, my friends! Happy Wednesday! This month is second-hand September! For those who don’t know, it’s a month dedicated to buying only secondhand clothing. Bobby and I took a trip to Goodwill the other day, and did some browsing. I tried on a total of three items, and unfortunately, only one of the items worked out, but boy, is it a cute one!

A funny little story: I tried on a pair of jeans that were originally from Old Navy, and they were my size so I was SUPER excited, because they were SO cute. And then when I went to try them on, I couldn’t even get them past my calves, and I was super confused. I looked on the inside of the pants and they said “husky” on the tag, and they had the elastic on the inside to adjust the size, so I’m like 99% sure they were little boy pants… So, needless to say, they were not a win.

I also tried on a really cute striped dress, but it just didn’t fit me right, so I put it back so that someone else could find the striped dress of their dreams!

The dress I ended up getting… oh my gosh, SO cute. It still had tags on it, although I’ve never heard of the brand before.

I wanted to make a post using an item that I bought second-hand as the base of my outfit, and show all the ways that you could style it. While the items I pair with it may or may not be second-hand, what I want to show is that if we buy pieces that are versatile, we’re able to create so many different variations of an outfit, possibly with items we already own!

Is this dress not the CUTEST?
A couple options for shoes.

This pair of white cowgirl boots would be great paired with a denim jacket for a trip to the pumpkin patch. Because as much as I wish the weather was cooling down… it just isn’t so yet! I would also probably curl my hair for this look!

These white sandals, like I wore in the picture above, would be great paired with a tan sun hat for a nice day exploring a cute downtown. I think I would probably do my hair in two fishtail braids because I LOVE that paired with a cute hat.

And the black heels! That are VERY cute but VERY uncomfortable, would be perfect for date night. I’d probably straighten my hair and wear a bold earring!

There are so many ways we can switch up our outfits! Shoes, jewelry, purses, the way we style our hair, hats, and even our makeup, can totally change our outfit!

I only chose to add a couple of ideas, because there really are countless ways to make an outfit feel new, but I love the idea of making each and every time you wear a piece, for it to be completely unique. Fashion is all about having fun, and this is one of my favorite parts of putting together outfits!

Thank you so much for reading!


Mattie Mae