Sunday Wisdom: Givin’ and Gettin’

Hi, y’all! Happy Friday! Hope it’s going alright for you, and that you’ve had at least one delicious cup of coffee today. I, as usual, have had a couple. Sunday’s sermon at church was wonderful, especially for the holiday season. We talked about giving and receiving. The basis for the sermon was the story ofContinue reading “Sunday Wisdom: Givin’ and Gettin’”

Sunday Wisdom: Love Thy Neighbor (Yes, Even the Loud Ones)

Hi, ya’ll! This post is quite a bit late, so I do apologize for that! Hope that your week has been treating you well, and this week only gets better.┬áSunday’s theme at church was, the classic, “Love thy neighbor.” A classic one, but one that we certainly can still learn from. Over the summer, myContinue reading “Sunday Wisdom: Love Thy Neighbor (Yes, Even the Loud Ones)”

Sunday Wisdom: Jesus is Calling you.

Hi, friends. I hope that you’re having a good Sunday! I just wanted to write another post about what I learned in church. Hope y’all enjoy! Today’s sermon’s theme was “Jesus is Calling you”. We talked about some of the awful things that can happen to others, how people that we label as drama kingsContinue reading “Sunday Wisdom: Jesus is Calling you.”

Sunday Wisdom: Viewing our Accomplishments through God’s Eyes.

Okay, it’s Monday, not Sunday. But we can all look past that, can’t we? I desperately hope that one day I won’t start off all my blog posts talking about being busy, but today is not that day. I meant to write this post yesterday, but I just didn’t have the time. Sundays are aContinue reading “Sunday Wisdom: Viewing our Accomplishments through God’s Eyes.”