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Decorating for Fall!

Hello, friends! I hope that your Monday is treating you well! I was quite productive today! I cleaned the kitchen, the fridge, and cleaned up my room! Not only all of that, but I was able to decorate for fall! I haven’t done much around the house for fall, but I was able to really…

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Valentine’s Day Decorating

Hi, friends! Hope you’ve had a lovely week! I had quite the week, as I had not one, not two, but THREE snow days! That is unheard of! And now it’s the weekend! And my goodness, how is it already February? I’ve waited so long to decorate for Valentine’s Day. I love love love going…

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Halloween Decorating (Finally!)

Y’all! I finally decorated my apartment! Or, rather, I started to decorate. Halloween is one of my favorite Holidays, especially to decorate for. I just wish that I could have started sooner! But that’s okay, I’m already getting my Christmas decorations around… One of my favorite things about getting older and having my own place…

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