Cleaning Chronicles

Resetting our Home for the Week.

Hello, my dear friends! A happy Sunday to you all. And what a cozy, productive Sunday it’s been. I usually try to get as much done on Sunday’s as I possibly can, but today I’m taking it a little bit slower, because I woke up feeling a bit ill. Bobby got sick right after the wedding, and as soon as he started getting around to feeling better, I began to feel sick.

That being said, we have been able to get things done. Such as grocery shopping! The older I get, the more and more I enjoy grocery shopping. My dear, sweet, HUSBAND (hehe!) does not enjoy grocery shopping as much as I do, but it must be done, all the same. Our poor fridge hadn’t been filled up in weeks. We didn’t go grocery shopping the week leading up to our wedding, and this week we just ate up our wedding leftovers, so it felt nice today to fill our fridge back up with goodies.

I made up a big batch of white chicken chili, one of Bobby’s favorites. I find that on a rainy day, when you’re feeling a bit sick, it hits the spot even more than usual! And whenever I make chili, there are always leftovers. I am of the opinion that leftovers are even more exciting than when you initially make a meal.

Even some tidying around the home got done! I cleaned out the fridge and organized it, and Bobby did some speed-cleaning. Speed cleaning is his speciality, and coincidentally it’s something I am absolutely horrendous at. I’ll start out cleaning the living room, get distracted, and end up in a different room, doing a completely different project. I fear my attention span isn’t the best. HOWEVER, I am a fantastic organizer. I would say that’s my strong suit when it comes to cleaning.

And to top it all off… watching Harry Potter 1 & 2! These two in particular are such cozy movies, perfect for autumn viewing. Rewatching them makes me giggle, because I remember watching them when I was younger and thinking that Ron, Harry, and Hermione were all so big, and now, they look like absolute babies!

I even got some reading done today. I’m so happy that I’ve gotten back into reading, and it makes me so sad that I went for years without reading for fun. I think I may make a blog post soon about what books I currently have on my bedside table. I always enjoy reading other people’s lists of books they plan on reading.

And then, to finish the day off… a tasty bowl of caramel praline ice cream. Today was such a happy little day. I’m loving married life, my friends. A blog post talking about the wedding coming shortly! I know that I don’t post on Sunday’s much anymore, but today I found myself missing writing something fierce. More about that in my next post!

I’m so happy to be back blogging, my dear friends. I missed it a whole lot.

Thank you so much for reading!


Mattie Mae

Cleaning Chronicles

My Daily Cleaning Routine.

Hello, my dear friends! And happy Friday to you all! The weekend is usually when I try to get my home in order, and when I try and do the majority of my deep cleaning, but I’m trying to start doing more daily so that the deep cleans are less intimidating when I get to them. If that makes sense…

I’ve been slacking a little bit on cleaning lately. Some days I feel super motivated to clean, and then other days I just want to stay in bed and rewatch Mad Men for the fifteenth time. And I think that’s okay. I don’t think we need to deep clean our homes every single day. That wouldn’t make much sense. HOWEVER, I do think that there are some cleaning related things we can do daily to make sure our home doesn’t get TOO messy. Below I’ve listed some that I TRY to do every single day.

Clean the kitchen! One of the chores that I did when I was younger was clean the kitchen. Every single day. My brother and I alternated, but the idea was to have the kitchen be clean every day. I kind of got away from it for awhile when I moved out, but I’ve begun to embrace the routine in my own home. Having a clean sink just makes me happy. It’s the little things… I don’t deep clean the kitchen every single day, but I try to make sure that the dishes are done, and the counters are clean. When I walk into a clean kitchen to make my morning coffee, it makes me feel ready to take on the day!

Do a load of laundry. This is, of course, not feasible for everyone, but if it is, I would recommend it. When I lived in my old apartment, there was no washer or dryer, so doing laundry was always quite a to-do. Now, I am blessed to have one in my apartment, so I’m able to do laundry whenever need be. HOWEVER, sometimes I let laundry get away from me, and then it’s been weeks and my dirty laundry starts giving me the STINK eye. (Ha!) I’ve found that if I do one load of laundry a day, it doesn’t get away from me, and another added bonus is that I have access to all of my clothes, which makes me less likely to get the shopping itch, because I have my fully stocked closet at my disposal!

Make the bed. Over the years, I’ve heard so many people rant and rave about the benefits of making your bed every single day, and I just kind of ignored it. And then I started doing it, and I realized that everyone out there was not lying! It really does make you feel good! And it makes you a little less likely to crawl back in bed and stay in your pajamas all day…

Clean off the bedside table. I do my best to not eat or drink in bed, but sometimes… I just want to cuddle up in bed, and eat some ice cream. If this is the case… sometimes you can end up with quite a few dishes on your nightstand, and you DO NOT want those to pile up, because if you let it get too crazy, they may start growing mold, which NOBODY wants. And if you do it every day, you’re making sure that it never gets to be too much of a project.

Put shoes where they belong! This is one that I am VERY, VERY, VERRRY bad at. I generally kick my shoes off wherever I happen to be, and it drives my sweet and patient Bobby CRAZY. And it’s honestly such a hassle kicking them off wherever, because half the time, I can’t remember where the heck I put my shoes. Which is not a great thing if you’re running late! So, make sure your shoes are where they’re supposed to be at the end of the day, because when you need them the next day, there will be no stress! This is definitely a reminder to future me as well…

Clean off the kitchen table. So often the kitchen table becomes sort of a catchall for random bits and pieces through the day. As I write this, mine is an absolute mess. My kitchen table has sort of become my unofficial sewing center, so it has been bombarded by various projects, and crafting scraps. So maybe I should take my own advice and actually tidy it up a bit!!! I think of the kitchen table as an extension of the kitchen itself, so it only makes sense to keep them both clean! A clean kitchen to make your coffee, and a clean table to drink it at!

And that’s that, my dear friends! I’m sure there are more things that I could incorporate to make my home even tidier, but as of right now, these are the main things I try to do! Everyone has a different home situation, so it’s going to differ person to person, but I thought I would share my routine!

Thank you for reading, my wonderful internet friends!


Mattie Mae

Cleaning Chronicles

An Updated Closet Clean out.

Hello, my dear friends! I hope that your week is off to a great start! I’ve been spending it trying to tidy up our closet, as it has gotten pretty messy. I’ve been working on cleaning it for about a week now. Slow and steady, my friends. Slow and steady.

I’ve actually written a blog post about cleaning one’s closet before, last December, but, I have a whole different apartment now! I thought an update would be nice. Especially since I’ve been working on it all week.

My closet now is a whole new shape than it was in my old apartment, so I had to come up with a brand new way of organizing it. And for those who don’t know me super well, I can be a tad particular about organization… so it can end up being quite a process for me.

One of the first steps to cleaning out your closet is to remove anything that doesn’t belong. I had plenty of things that had found themselves in the closet that didn’t belong there. Generally just Bobby and me shoving things in there when we had guests… but remove anything that doesn’t belong in the closet. Maybe it’s dirty clothes that need to be washed, or perhaps some crafting supplies, or even clothes that you don’t want anymore.

In my last closet clean out, I know that I talk about the various ways that we can rid ourselves of clothes we no longer desire, but for this round, I chose to do two things.

I sold a lot of clothes to Plato’s closet. I didn’t have one in Mount Pleasant, so I really enjoyed the ease of being able to bring clothes in and then immediately be done with it. That being said, Plato’s closet is VERY selective with the clothing they take, so keep that in mind. You may need to find other ways to take care of those clothes.

The other thing that I’ve been doing is upcycling old clothing.I recently bought a sewing machine (!!!) and I have been having such a wonderful time with it. This may not be for everyone, but I think it’s a super fun way to make use of items we already have.

Once you banish all the items you don’t want in your closet, it’s time for my favorite part… ORGANIZATION!!!

I like to organize my hanging clothes by type AND by color. I have a section for my skirts, dresses, long sleeved shirts, and then short sleeved shirts. And then within those categories I organize by color. I also make sure that all the clothes are facing the same direction AND the same color. (I believe I mentioned being VERY particular about such things…)
For Bobby’s side, I hang up his belts, his short sleeved shirts, his long sleeved shirts, and then his suit jackets. And then also by color.
Our closet also has this wonderful shelving unit built in that I use as well. I have baskets that contain my folded t-shirts, undergarments, and then winter hats. ( A little random of an assortment, I know!)
I use the shelving units themselves for my sweaters, my sun hats, and Bobby’s hats as well.

The containers all from either Target, Walmart, or TJ Maxx, from when I moved into my first apartment. If I were to replace these pieces, I would probably start at the thrift store. I have quite a few other furniture pieces from Goodwill and I find that they are not only cheaper than something you’d find at a store like Target, but they tend to be better quality as well.

I also utilize hangers to hang up scarves and belts. I know that there are fancier and cuter ways to do it, but using hangers works just fine for me! Even if I do wish it looked just a little bit cuter…

Another item that is extremely helpful is an over-the-door hook. These can be as basic or as fancy as you choose. The one that I use in my closet has eight hooks. I use them to hang up purses and bags. I don’t have very many of either, so the four hooks work perfectly! Over-the-door hooks are useful for every room, though. I have one in the bathroom for my towel as well.

There is much more to my closet, but I don’t want to bore my lovely readers with the details of every nook and cranny. So, on that note, I bid you all goodnight! (Yet another late night blog post!)

Thank you so much for reading!


Mattie Mae

Cleaning Chronicles

Cleaning Chronicles: Cleaning Out Your Closet

Hi, y’all! I have a confession that probably isn’t too surprising, especially if you know me — I love shopping and I love clothes. That being said, my apartment is very small and I have no room whatsoever for all of the clothes that I have. Also, I don’t wear hardly any of the clothes I own. Let’s just say that I’ve had a couple questionable fashion stages… I’ve decided that it is FINALLY time to do some decluttering.

I have a fairly large closet, but it’s certainly not big enough for all my clothes. I have a shelf in there, multiple baskets, tons of those big tubs that people use to store Christmas decorations, and then I have all my dirty clothes in hampers. Maybe my boyfriend was right when he said I had too many clothes…

The first thing that should be done is to wash all of your clothes. That makes it easier to know what all you have, so that you have a simpler time getting rid of things. Note to self: this is helpful so you don’t end up having fifteen of the same plain black t-shirts.  I am one of those people who isn’t the best at doing laundry when I need to, so this is usually half the struggle.

The next hurdle is to get rid of the clothes that are too small or too big for you. Don’t beat yourself up about not being able to fit into the clothes that you wore when you were fourteen. I’m only now starting to be a little better at this. It can be kind of rough getting rid of them, but I find that it’s even rougher to look at them in your closet every day. There’s no reason to keep clothes that only serve as a reminder of what your body used to be like. Nor should your closet represent how you want your body to look. I think both of those things are so detrimental to one’s self-image. As usual, it’s easier said than done, but it’s a good first step.

After you’ve gotten rid of the clothes that don’t fit, move on to clothes that you don’t find yourself wearing. This is where I have the most trouble. I never wear the t-shirts of bands I listened to in middle school, but I still have them all. There’s no situation other than homecoming that I would need uber-fancy dresses for, but it took me years and years to get rid of all my homecoming dresses. It’s important to get rid of clothes that you don’t wear because they’re adding clutter to your house and to your life. I find that when I have a messy house, I also have a messy mind.

Now the question remains: What to do with these clothes once you’ve decided to get rid of them?

  1. Donate them! There are so many people in the world that could benefit from your clothes! Especially schools. You can get in touch with a teacher that you know and ask if they could use any clothes to give to students. Odds are, they will say yes!
  2. Have a yard sale! A great way to get rid of clutter AND make money.
  3. Have a clothing swap with friends! This is probably one of my favorites. It’s a great way to add new pieces to your wardrobe without spending a dime. It’s especially great if you and your friends have different styles, because you can experiment with your look without spending any money. Your friends will love it too!
  4. Sell it on social media or a shopping app!Another cool thing that you can do is to sell your cloths on your Facebook or your Instagram. It’s great because it’s far less work than a garage sale, especially if the person who wants to buy it lives in the area and you can just drop it off at their home. I’m just now starting to sell clothes on Poshmark! I haven’t sold anything yet, but to be fair, I only have one item listed. My username is @midwestmattie if you want to check it out! This one seems pretty simple so far, all you really have to do is take pictures and add the descriptions of your items then you just need to wait!
  5. Last but not least, re-purpose your clothes!  You can take old dresses and turn them into shirts, rip old t-shirts into rags, turn jean jackets into jean vests… the possibilities are endless! It’s always fun to revamp your clothes so that they feel like new, or use them for a whole new purpose!

I’m hoping that writing this post will help me get my butt in gear and finish cleaning my closet! I need to be held accountable! I would post a picture of what my closet looked like before, but I don’t want to scare y’all.

Have a great day!!


Mattie Mae